You Can Now Get A 3D Model Of Your Baby Before It's Born

We've all heard of getting a 3D scan of your unborn baby, but now an advancement in technology means that mums-to-be can get a 3D model of their baby prior to giving birth.

UK-based Company Baby: Boo helps parents-to-be create a life-like replica of their baby using a special scan of the pregnant woman's womb.

That image is then sent off to be rendered into a 360-degree format, and printed in 3D.

Baby: Boo offer the 3D baby model in either a box to be held, or mounted in a frame for parents who may wish to display it in their home. The idea behind it is obviously to get a closer look at your baby as it's developing, but honestly, we're not sure how we feel about it. But, as having a baby is such a personal thing, it is of course up to the parents-to-be to make that choice.

According to the Daily Mail, owner Katie Kermode set up the company and had the idea after she suffered two miscarriages and wanted to create a better scan service for mothers.


Kermode admitted the idea has had some ?adverse reaction? since it launch, but said that she believes the models are no different to other baby mementos.

?People do think it's a little odd but it's similar to creating casts of babies' feet or hands. It's actually a really lovely keepsake to cherish,? she said.

According to Kermode, the company, in Tarleton, Lancashire, has been inundated with requests for the service - which costs the customer around €150 - €200.

She describes the ultrasound appointments as bonding sessions for mother and child. ?After I lost two pregnancies I underwent fertility treatment and finally fell pregnant with Alfie,? she explained. ?I had scans throughout. I think being pregnant is a scary time, especially if you have struggled to get pregnant,? adding that her unique approach to ultrasound differs from the service that mothers would get elsewhere.

Kermode said that it is recommended to create a model from a scan at around 28 weeks of pregnancy when the baby has fully developed, but at that stage - because of the size - there can only be a model of the baby's head.

It is certainly a unique concept. What are your thoughts on this?

Via Daily Mail


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