5 Minutes With Fitness Expert Siobhan Byrne

Ahead of our next IMAGE Young Businesswomen's Forum on Wednesday, May 10 at The Westbury Hotel, we sat down for five minutes with panellist and fitness trainer,?Siobhan Byrne of Body Byrne.

How did BodyByrne come about and what is your role in the business?

My husband started it off 26 years ago working in gyms then started training high profile movie stars I can on board over ten years ago and made it more mainstream and developed the brand expanding.

What else do you do? (sponsorships? writing? TV?)

I've been writing for the Irish independent for the last 5 years. I also do corporate talks on weight loss and getting in shape in a realistic fashion specifically for women in the busy corporate sector.
I also run luxury weight loss and yoga boot camps abroad, our next one is in Marbella on June 22, where we focus on losing weight, healthy eating, how you realistically continue with healthy eating, fitness and yoga sessions to help you come home feeling re-energised and refocused to continue your weight loss and fitness journey.


Which celebs do you train? Is working with celebrities any different to working with other clients?

We have worked with so many over the years from Hollywood a-listers getting in shape for roles. Saoirse Ronan, The Script, Boyzone and Michael Fassbender have been through the doors of BodyByrne.

What's the health question you're most frequently asked, and what is your usual answer?

Can you spot reduce body fat as I just want to get rid of this pointing to belly or bum usually comes in. The answer is you can't spot reduce.

What health messages annoy you and why??

Social media messages. People are just confused from so many social media fitness experts giving unrealistic and unsustainable advice to people I'm constantly undoing bad advice that new clients have been given it's never a one fit fits all.

What are you most proud of accomplishing in business?


An amazing working relationship with my husband that's first and foremost the thing I am most proud of and that we built a successful personal training business through the recession and are still growing it.

What's next?

Now that would be telling but it is big ...

Hear Siobhan and fellow panellists Jennifer Taaffe and Joanne Hynes talk about their businesses and how they started up at our IMAGE Young Businesswomen's Forum.

WHEN?Wednesday, May 10
Drinks and canap's from?6pm

WHERE?The Westbury Hotel, Dublin 2



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