Wall & Keogh

Wall &?Keogh is one of the places around Dublin that more and more serve as portals to somewhere far away. Its snug location in Portobello near the canal, along with its refurbished entrance make it a gem of a tea-room with one of the best shop-fronts in Dublin. So much so that Japanese Vogue shot one of its fashion shoots in front of it recently. But what really transports you when you visit are the evocative smells and flavours of its tea. wall_and_kWith a huge variety of teas arranged in beautiful jars, you are invited to choose your tea by breathing in the aromas and complex notes of the various options - our favourite is Prince of Persia. They now also serve sushi, which unsurprisingly compliments many of their teas wonderfully. Its d?cor is also one of its selling points, from the beautiful and ramshackled? brass bed frames at the back to their cute teapots and cups. And since last year they've been running The Portobello Picturehouse that screens everything from classics to newly released art-house movies.

Roisin Agnew @Roxeenna


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