Giant Pillow Fight in Dublin, Anyone?

In very bizarre news, we've just gotten word about a massive pillow fight happening in The Phoenix Park. 4,000 people have registered so far for the one-of-a-kind event.

Organisers of the event - The Giant Pillow Fight (they're happening in cities all across Europe, apparently) - describe it as a free, fun gathering of people who just quite fancy the idea of hitting other people with a pillow. Here's everything you need to know, via their Facebook event page:

This is a flash mob concenpt event designed to get people letting off a little steam whilst having some feathery fun.?

What you need to know:
- This is not an 'organised' event, it's a free, willing, gathering of people who want to hit each other with pillows.
- Phoenix Park is pretty bloody huge so we will announce an exact location and time the day before the event takes place.
- BYOP (bring your own pillow)

Call us crazy, or call us a bunch of concerned grannies, but this could turn rather nasty, no? Are there rules? What if someone super weak gets pummeled by someone twice their size? Pillow or no pillow, that's gotta hurt.


Nevertheless, we're intrigued. It's certainly a nice idea for those with pent up frustration. 26th of September. Who's in?

Giant Pillow Fight


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