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Your Expert Guide To Fitness For February

by Niamh ODonoghue
31st Jan 2017

Struggling to stick to your new year’s fitness resolution? If so, don’t feel deflated. Help is here.

You started January off on a high; determined and dedicated to quitting that thing you wanted to stop doing?and?be a healthier you. But as February approaches, your new-found determination and focus have dwindled.?Here are some simple tips by fitness expert Liz Costigan Fleury?to help you cut the excuses and reboot your January motivation, right the way through to next December.


fitness expert Liz Costigan Fleury?

You’ve lost your motivation

You started off great, but your exercise regime (that you spent a fortune on at the beginning of the month) is slowly coming to a halt. You want to keep the momentum going for the rest of the year, but aren’t feeling very motivated. Your fitness journey doesn’t have to become an uphill battle for the rest of the year, the secret is to go slow and make it fun says?Liz Costigan of The Positive Fitness Project.

“Don’t join a gym because everyone else is. Find a class or a way of moving that you actually enjoy – life is too short. If you enjoy what you are doing you are more likely to stick to it. Train with a friend and make it a social event. Also set a small, realistic goals every week – this will help you to focus and it will also give you a lift when you achieve your goal”, says Liz.

You’re unsure of how long to spend exercising each day

It’s recommended that we do a minimum?of 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity or 75 minutes of vigorous aerobic activity a week, but 20 minutes per day is an adequate amount of time to spend exercising to get your sweat on. It’s also the right amount of time?your body needs to release and give you that post-exercise glow and?brand-new feeling. But, as Liz says, if you’re working towards a different fitness goal’such as sculpting and toning then you’ll need to invest a little more time.

You’re too shy to exercise alone, but your?friends aren’t into it

It can be really difficult placing yourself in new social situations – especially sweat-inducing situations like gym classes. But as Liz recommends, joining a beginners class can help build your confidence. “And remember”, says Liz, “you are absolutely entitled to be in that gym or at that class so go easy on yourself and own it, girl! Plus, most people are so consumed “Instagramming” their workout that they won’t even notice you’re there!”.?Liz also points out that investing in a personal trainer will help you to build confidence

You don’t have enough time anymore

Perhaps one of the most frequently-used excuses is the fact that most of us don’t seem to have the time to give to exercising (walking the kids to and from school does count, FYI). Liz suggests slotting fitness time into your diary similarly to how you would for a business meeting and commit to it: “commit to the plan on a Sunday evening for the week ahead and stick to it. Try to fit fitness in during your day – can you work out at lunchtime? This can be a brisk walk around your office block or take a class in a nearby studio”, says Liz.

Use your lunchtime to get in a quick 20-minute walk or run, or even a brisk walk around your office block. Avoid exercising after work because chances are you’ll be too tired and less motivated. Adding exercise to your week will make you more efficient and productive in all areas of your life.

Don’t feel bad for losing your new-year fitness mojo

We’ve all done it: we set goals for ourselves but life has a habit of getting in the way sometimes. Liz stresses the importance of being kind to yourself on your fitness journey, and that it’s a marathon, not a sprint. “Firstly, go easy on yourself, you would be surprised how many people feel the very same way. You will get your mojo back but I won’t lie, it will take a little effort. Instead of going straight back to the level you were at before your mojo took a holiday, begin to add workouts back in gradually, adding on every week or fortnight, remembering to take it slow and before you know it you will be back to your fit fabulous self”.

Don’t forget to’self-reward

All work with no reward does not suit the lazy girl. Rewarding yourself is just as important as doing the physical work – so be kind to yourself,’says Liz. “If you are trying to lose weight and are rewarding yourself with food it defeats the purpose. So reward yourself with nourishing practices e.g. if I work out three times this week I’ll book a massage or if I reach my weight goal I will buy myself something. Rewarding yourself with food is ok too once it isn’t all the time. It is all about balance – drink your wine but don’t forget your green juice!”

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