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#MuteMonday Is Trending For A Great Reason

by Jennifer McShane
23rd Jan 2017

Even if you stay away from social media, there’s no way you could have missed Donald Trump’s ogre presence on Twitter; he uses it to shout, boast and very occasionally, spout “alternative facts” as real news. With the historical Women’s March finished, its impact remains to be seen. It could take months or even years before we know the full scale of events; will it be seen as the last hurrah before a dark movement of oppression or the tide that saw the dawn of a new era of positivity?

While we await the next step, women and men have been using the hashtag?#MuteMonday as an opportunity to unfollow and block Trump en masse – because asides from the constant spelling errors, some of us are sick of him using it as a personal megaphone – and to urge others to follow inspiring people, activists and others that are working towards spreading uplifting sentiments.

While unfollowing someone on social media may seem inconsequential, remember that Trump used Twitter as a key part of his campaign platform.?By hitting the block button, you are making your own statement – Trump may be able to keep talking – well, his stubby fingers don’t type their own tweets, FYI – but you certainly don’t have to listen.

Feminist e-newsletter Signal Boost sent out a call to action encouraging people to unfollow @realDonaldTrump and @POTUS on Twitter; and “follow someone working towards the progress we all still believe in” in their place and then share who they chose to follow using the hashtag #MuteMonday. It worked and has now gone viral.

Even if this small step means we’ll have a little less Trump in our feeds and some kickass women instead, that’s one great reason to help #MuteMonday trend for the rest of the evening.

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