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Three Makeup Hacks If You Can’t Hack Makeup

by Holly O'Neill
09th Jun 2017

*pats face with sock*

In a world of contouring, baking, strobing and highlighting, some of us just don’t have the skills. Some of us can’t tell a bronzer brush from a blusher brush. Some of us have spent hours watching online contouring tutorials only to end up with a muddy face that looks like it’s had lines drawn all over it in preparation for facial surgery.

“Some of us” can’t be just me because there are beauty brands out there who have proved that not all heroes wear perfectly winged liner. There are beauty brands who are doing what they can for those of us who have never had eyebrows that look like sisters, but eyebrows that look like very distant cousins.

Here are three makeup hacks for you, non-skilled person trapped in a world of makeup artists and contour kits. None of these tips involve using a pepper, spoon or any form of vegetable or cutlery on your face, applying your makeup with a sock (that was a joke), spraying hairspray on your face or any other questionable YouTuber hacks. You are so very welcome.


I do not have good eyebrow skillz and admire those of you who can draw individual hairs onto your face without looking like you are in a state of anger or surprise all day. Thanks to Cara D, brows became so important they spawned the tragedy that was the terminology ‘on fleek.’ The Beautiful Brows?Stencil Set – yes, stencil set – comes with three different stencil shapes: sleek, natural and bold, so you can choose the right brow for your face and look. The sleek is for thin but sharply angled brows, the natural is a more rounded and day time brow and bold is your night out brow. If I had a euro for every woman who stopped me while I was stencilling my brows in a public bathroom to ask me what I was doing and where do they buy it, then told me to shut up and take their money, I’d buy you all a Beautiful Brow set. Now you know my deepest shame and you can have fleeky brows too. Am I using that correctly?


If you love to play with eyeshadows and do your best at blending, but always manage to get eyeshadow down to your chin and into your hairline, or mascara smudges around your eyes, this is your new makeup hack tool. Shadow Shields are half moon shape strip with adhesive. They can be applied under your eye to catch excess eyeshadow, to help with the dreaded winged liner precision, to create a straight edge for your eyeshadow, to put an end to mascara smudges or – top hack – can be place under your lower lip for perfect lipstick application.?Shadow Shields are basically going to save you?hours of re-applying eyeliner, help you keep your job and your friendships if you’re always late because of winged eyeliner and can help keep your stress levels down as you say goodbye to tantrums because of winged eyeliner.


If you don’t even know where to begin with your brows, this?brow map, designed by Stylist,?has outlined the exact shape brow you should go for to compliment your features.

Let us know your makeup hacks in the comments below! I need them.?

Featured image: @NikkieTutorials.

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