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This app allows you to report racist incidents right away

by Shayna Sappington
03rd Jun 2020

Downloading and using this app enables people who experience or witness racism to speak up and take action.

On Monday, many of us were able to march in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement and stand up for victims of racist hate crimes, like the late George Floyd.

And there is so much more we can do to help stop systemic racism.

The Irish Network Against Racism (INAR) is a national network of over 100 anti-racism civil society organisations which aims to work collectively to highlight and address racism in Ireland.

It aims to build a strong and vibrant anti-racism infrastructure in Ireland, develop evidence-based research to capture trends and patterns and inform our policy and lobbying work and be the national voice identifying, monitoring and speaking out against racism.

INAR’s app helps report racist incidents

One of the ways it has made a difference is by developing iReport.ie, an app that allows people to confidentially report racist incidents nationwide.

The INAR defines a racist incident as: “any incident which has the effect of undermining anyone’s enjoyment of their human rights, based on their background.”

The app’s streamlining of these incidences not only allows for more efficient racism reporting, but it gives individuals a voice to make a difference in their own communities.

Users can upload videos, pics and audio clips alongside their report. They can also attach screen grabs and report hate speech or racist rhetoric they encounter online.

All information is fully anonymous, unless you choose to allow the INAR to follow up for further context and/or questions about the incident.

Racism in Ireland

The app is also a vital part of collecting data, helping us understand racism in the Irish context, and has helped the INAR lobby for better protection against racism on a national level.

Last year, there were 530 reports made through the app. These included the highest number ever reported of racist assaults through the app (50), the highest number of repeat harassment cases to date (92), continuing patterns of illegal racial discrimination in public sector services and an increase in the number of victims of crimes who where under 18-years-old.

There were also reports of racial profiling and assault of ethnic minority persons by An Garda Síochána, continuing low rates of trust of the guards and low rates of crime reporting in general.

Racial profiling

“There are, at present, no clear policies in An Garda Síochána for dealing with repeat harassment and the escalation of abuse that attends a high number of instances,” says the report.

It also pointed out incidents of racial profiling by police in Ireland, calling for an immediate change.

However, the app’s development has helped report more racist incidents than ever before, demonstrating the need for new policies in the public sector, police force and beyond to help combat racial profiling and discrimination.

To download the app and help give a voice to victims of racism, visit iReport.ie.

It’s important to note that the app is not a substitution for reporting things to the authorities. If you believe the content or behaviour you are reporting is prohibited in Ireland, or you wish to take action against those responsible, please contact relevant local authorities, so they can accurately assess the content or behaviour for possible violations of law.

If you encounter an incident which constitutes a serious crime, or if you believe there is a serious and immediate threat to someone’s life or well-being, we encourage you strongly to report these immediately to An Garda Síochána.


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