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Jennifer McShane

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The Multi-Use Spray Perfect For Acne-Prone Skin

by Jennifer McShane
25th Apr 2017

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Too often, acne is dismissed as something we just have to “go through” in our teens, but I’ve always suffered from the odd spot. If I could tell my adolescent self anything, it would be to appreciate?the good times because a few spots here and there were nothing compared to what became of my skin when I reached adulthood. The spots had a field day and erupted wherever they saw fit – face, chest, back. And even then, I still battle daily breakouts, something I thought would cease once I hit my late-twenties.

But according?to dermatologist Dr Nicki Ralph, I’m not alone. The rise in adult acne is dramatic – a recent study found a 200 percent increase in the number of adults seeking specialist treatment – and she affirmed a large number of her clients are seeking the same thing, in some cases well into their adult years.

What I wanted was a daily treatment; something gentle that would get rid of even the small breakouts. And so came my first introduction to La Roche-Posay’s cult spritz toner, Serozinc?- featuring Zinc Sulphate, specifically designed to target key signs of oily, blemish-prone skin. Now, you can use this regardless of your skin type. However, those with blemishes should see significant improvements.

The light mist is both refreshing?and effective; working to treat excess oils and help fade small acne markings – you simply spray leave to dry in and pat off the excess. I noticed a difference after daily use; the spots look less red, and it doesn’t dry the skin like so many similar mists can. But the real?thing that makes this stuff worth buying by the gallon is the difference it makes on any breakouts you might have on your chest and back, even after a week the results were’significant and after a month my back, in particular, is the clearest it’s looked in months.

You can buy this in either 150 ml (?11) or a handy, travel-sized 50 ml (around €5) perfect for use on the go. – I’ve yet to find a daily treatment with such noticeable effects almost straight away, so if spots are getting you down, this should at least keep some of them at bay.

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