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The Evolution of Cheryl Cole’s Hair

04th Mar 2015

With worldwide news of Cheryl Fernandez-Versini‘s cropped new do (it’s been a slow week, you guys), and the fact that she has, arguably, the most popular barnett on the planet (well, next to Jennifer Aniston of course) we thought it was high time we chronicle the evolution of her luscious locks.

Cheryl’s had it all: short with a fringe, long with a fringe, blonde balayage, blonde highlights, blonde all over, purple all over, extremely long packed-full-of-extensions hair, a caramel, wispy lob, the current ‘Rachel’ aaaand the list goes on. Whatever she’s done, she’s always pulled it off (well, perhaps the Dolly Parton do from her short stint in the US can be overlooked and as for these outfits? That’s a whole other article) and made a BOMB of money for L’Oreal, for whom she’s an ambassador. But which was your favourite Cheryl look?


The original Cheryl Cole look: TONNES of hair spray, lots of backcombing and Bob’s your uncle.

OK, maybe we were wrong, perhaps not even Cheryl can pull off a heavy blonde fringe when her natural colouring is so dark. Then again, we could well just be thrown off by the questionable coat.

Yes, she looks like an extra from Pirates of the Carribean here, but her caramel, bouncy locks are rather enviable.

Cheryl tones the blonde down here to make way for some head-turning bubblegum pink lipstick. This is right before balayage had its moment, when subtle tones were still done with highlights. Not the most natural of looks but we remember loving it.

Here she is with Victoria Beckham, who’s made quite the transformation from WAG to bonafide style sensation. With a hat like that, Cheryl’s sorted should she ever have a train driver themed fancy dress party to attend.

The runway look that earned Cheryl her very own waxwork in Madame Tussauds, here Cheryl’s back to her natural brown which is always a winner. The crown though? Bleugh.

We quite enjoyed Cheryl’s experimentation with a choppy lob, though the fringe might be a little too severe.

A 60s take on the amped up lob.

When hairbands had a brief comeback…

Ahh, and now we’re in to the golden age of Cheryl’s hair. This was super classy.

It looks here like Cheryl’s letting her hair go au naturel and it really works for her.

An envious up do if ever we saw one.

Cheryl returns to the X Factor with hair more blonde than we’re used to seeing. Still, she pulls it off.

A shorter look makes for a fresh change, and with some soft caramel tones, this is one of our favourite Cheryl looks.

We’ll assume this was at the request of L’Oreal, much like her current look, but sorry, Chezza, this is far from our favourite. We can’t help but be reminded of Ribena.

Aha, the day we now remember as that day Cheryl woke up on the wrong side of the bed. With larger-than-life hair and an outfit that resembled something inside a tin of Quality Street, we doubt if this is among her list of red carpet favourites.

A perfectly cut lob to frames that gorgeous face.

Exciting day ahead 😁

A photo posted by Cheryl (@cherylofficial) on Jan 23, 2015 at 3:11am PST

Earlier in 2015, Cheryl’s back to her signature dark, long locks.

And as of just this week, it’s all about the 70s style interpretation of ‘The Rachel’

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