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Taste Makers

07th Jun 2013

Peter & Jonray

Electrolux Chefs Secrets and Electrolux Taste Theatre

Super-chef brothers Peter & Jonray Sanchez-Iglesias are the masterminds behind Michelin-cool London eatery, Casamia.

Hi, Jonray! Thanks for calling. What are you up to today??No problem, Pete and I are on the motorway, on our way to meet Electrolux in Kent this morning to finalise some things before Taste. It’s all go.

Have you been to Dublin before??Never! This is our first time and we’re so excited. We’ll be pretty busy over the two days but we’re hoping to duck out in between all the cooking and see a bit of the city in between.

So what will you be doing at TASTE??We’ll be hosting two separate events – Electrolux Chefs Secrets and Electrolux Taste Theatre. Electrolux Taste Theatre is a chance for us to cook one of our summer dishes from Casamia on the main stage on Thursday and Friday, while Electrolux Chef’s Secrets will be a totally interactive experience. We can’t wait for it- we’ll be cooking along with the festival goers, teaching them how to cook our dishes and helping them out as we go. It’s so cool for us to get out of the kitchen and interact. It’s going to be fun!

Your restaurant won Gordon Ramsay’s televised search for the country’s best restaurant in 2010, which is no mean feat; what is the epicurean ethos behind Casamia??We’re all about seasonal produce. Every few months we take a day to sit down and brainstorm our ideal seasonal menu, then we put it into practice. Obviously it has to be a balanced offering, but we always try to push the boat out each season too. It’s a lot of work. It’s always very interesting to see the dish change and take shape once it’s on the table in the restaurant. We make sure to tweak it until it’s just right.


What music are you listening to in the restaurant at the moment??We love to listen to bands like Kings of Leon and Coldplay as we cook in our open kitchen in Casamia. It’s a very cool, laid back vibe.

So come on, honestly, what’s it like working with your brother??Genuinely, it’s amazing. We split up a lot of the work because we’ve got quite a lot going on, so that keeps it fresh. When we do come together in the kitchen, we’re honest and ready to push each other but supportive too.

OK, we’re sold! See you at Taste. So finally, what is your favourite dish to eat??Hands down, steak and chips with a bit of horseradish or ketchup on the side. Pete? (consults Pete in the car) He says fish and chips! And we both love our cider.

Jo Linehan’s going to be sure to see the brothers do their thing?at Taste of Dublin Thursday and Friday, June 13-16. For more see