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Susan Sarandon On Hollywood And That Hillary Clinton Backlash

by Jennifer McShane
03rd Mar 2017

Esteemed actress Susan Sarandon is one of our favourite?women; she is one who takes no prisoners. She knows at 70 how fickle Hollywood can be when it comes to how you look, how much you weigh, how old you are; the list goes on. Sarandon is in the spotlight again (hurrah) for her upcoming role in Feud,? though she hasn’t been overly active on the Hollywood circuit and that’s because she’s’done with typecasting?and playing roles in which she’s the one who’s dying.

?I’m glad I’m kind of out of the dying groove? Then I played three alcoholics in a row,? she said recently. Her current?role sees the focus shift to two women relentlessly pitted against each other, something she says she’s relieved to see isn’t as prominent now; competition isn’t the same as it once was.

?I think that happened just in my generation,? Sarandon told The Guardian. ?I see examples of actresses just a little bit ahead of me who really saw women as their enemy and had no intention of forming any kind of alliance. Now, that’s certainly not true. You might be envious of a part you didn’t get but it’s switched to understanding that you need women as allies and that we’re stronger together, not divided.?

However, the fight to get more women on screen remains an issue. ?I think that a woman can look at a story that has a male protagonist and can identify that she could do that or be in that situation,? she says. ?But I think it’s harder for male executives to imagine that anybody is really gonna get into a female lead because it’s hard for them to imagine… It’s a lack of imagination.?

The topic then swiftly moved to Hillary Clinton; Sarandon was a firm supporter of Clinton’s rival Bernie Sanders in the Democratic candidate race, opting to not endorse Clinton when she was victorious, stating that she ?did not vote with her vagina?. She instead supported Green Party candidate Jill Stein. Having?previously called Clinton ?more dangerous??than Trump, Sarandon has now defended voicing her views.

“I have had a huge amount of backlash,? she said. ?There’s been a really strong blame for a lot of things that are obviously not my fault.?

But she’s under no illusions of Trump’s menace?and danger and has attended Democratic Party events and anti-Trump rallies: ?I’m focusing on reaching out and forming a coalition not only with all of Hillary’s people but with people I know that voted for Trump, because we have serious work to do now, and we can’t indulge in blaming or depression or any of those things. There isn’t time any more to look back. We have to look forward.?

Wise words from an empowering woman; we’ll tale that on a Friday.