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Nancy Drew Is Getting A Makeover

by Jennifer McShane
12th Jan 2016

Fans of the intrepid detective Nancy Drew may be happy to know that she is coming to our screens again, but in what is a refreshing break from the norm, CBS creators have said that this time around, she will be very different. Millennials may not be overly familiar with the famous novels, but avid mystery lovers who came before no doubt hold a special place in their hearts for the whodunit heroine.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, a new TV adaptation means a fresh take on the series – and this includes diversifying when it comes to casting the lead actress. The CBS show is currently in development, and will see the iconic character reimagined in her 30s.

?She is diverse, that is the way she is written,? said CBS Entertainment president, Glenn Geller. And while he said it was too early in the process to explain just what he meant by diverse, he said it would hinge on finding the right actress for the part of Nancy. ?[She will] not [be] Caucasian,? he stressed. ?I’d be open to any ethnicity.?

Emma Roberts as Nancy Drew in the 2007 movie.
Emma Roberts as Nancy Drew in the 2007 movie.

Drew has frequently been hailed as a feminist icon, and fans are eager to see a series with a genuinely relatable character of depth, and it sounds like this is what may be in store.??Last year, it was reported that the’series reboot would be a drama centered on a now grown up Drew, who has become an NYPD detective and must also navigate the mysteries of the modern world.

The news of a more open take on casting has been greeted with positivity – we don’t need to tell anyone that Hollywood is seriously lacking when it comes to creating prime roles for?women of varying ethnicities – and the US network plans to stick with?this broad vision.

We have a lot of new series in development,” Geller explained, “These are targeted to have full African-American or Latino casts, but also many leads that are being developed [as diverse].”

“We’re not casting colour blind,” he added. “We’re casting colour conscious.”

Given that the show will be produced by?Grey’s Anatomy alums Tony Rater and Joan Phelan, we’re intrigued and hope it is worth the hype.

This news follows the announcement that British actress?Noma Dumezweni, was?named to play an adult version of the role that Emma Watson made famous?in the Harry Potter films in an upcoming stage production.

JK Rowling had this to say to those who objected to the casting:

Via The Hollywood Reporter