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Kate Hudson Talks Girl Power, Self-Esteem And Female Body Scrutinising

by Jennifer McShane
03rd Apr 2016

Kate Hudson is one of America’s Sweethearts and a rom-com?queen, but that doesn’t mean the talented actress is free from body issues. Despite being one of the most photographed women in Hollywood, regularly gracing many a magazine cover, she admits how she has struggled in the past with self-esteem issues, and this is what inspired her to write her new book, Pretty Happy: Healthy Ways to Love Your Body.

Hudson’s hard-earned tips and views on mindfulness and healthy living are smart, relatable and, most importantly, about finding a process that works for you and makes you happy; there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach, it’s about adapting and listening to your mind and body. “My body and mind are always changing, which means that taking care of myself requires that I tune in regularly,”‘she writes. So, there’s no easy out. Trial and error and old fashioned hard work are essential.

Kate Hudson Book Signing For "Pretty Happy"

Her views on body image are candid and refreshing. ?I think women are programmed to not feel that great about ourselves. Our bodies are constantly telling us that we’re not good enough,” she told the Independent. “And I think that’s because we’re so highly scrutinised – our image, our beauty or the idea of beauty – whatever that is because I believe it’s subjective,? says the Almost Famous star who radiates an inner glow and appears to be the epitome of good health.

I want to encourage girls to feel good about themselves, no matter what their sizes are, and to feel motivated to be healthy and strong

She explained that she did much research into body dysmorphic disorder, and concludes that if we don’t love ourselves first and foremost, living a happy, healthy life will be difficult.?We need to stop scrutinising each other and start supporting that we’re all on this trajectory together of youth into womanhood into getting older and what’s really going to shine and feel healthy and live longer is feeling good about ourselves.” ?And this includes taking some time to be selfish and putting yourself first. Hudson argues that if you don’t put your needs and dreams first, you won’t succeed. “Putting others before ourselves time and time again actually put stress on our bodies and minds, and we may become ill.”

When you grow up with three boys you’re forced to be in touch with your girl power and you develop a pretty thick skin

“I got that from my mom because she’s always been that way, so I want to encourage girls to feel good about themselves, no matter what their sizes are, and to feel motivated to be healthy and strong.? Inspiring words that we can and should all implement into our daily lives.

Read more from Kate Hudon’s?Pretty Happy: Healthy Ways to Love Your Body (?22, out now) in the April?issue?of IMAGE Magazine?