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Interiors Pinspiration: 5 Cute DIY Christmas Tree Alternatives

by Kate Phelan
11th Dec 2015

Indulge your Christmas crazy with our festive round-up of the sweetest Christmas tree substitutes…

I’m borderline obsessed with Christmas trees so was fairly devastated to realise that we can’t get one for our apartment this year. We’ve had to opt out on account of our latest lodger – a very cute and inquisitive cat, who mistakes iPhone charges for chew toys and flowers for mortal enemies to be beheaded at once, and arbitrarily despises?all labels???ripping them off clothes and shoes with her bare paws.

Given that even the presence of a fly in the living room has been known to send her into a four-hour mania, I suspect that a triangular-shaped?tree draped with flashing lights and baubles would just be too much for her to handle. Her little head might explode. And as much as I enjoy decorating Christmas trees, I don’t relish the idea of re-decorating it every evening after its daily feline demolition.

Even though we’re happy to make the sacrifice in exchange for cat cuddles (and will be looking forward to making the most of the trees our catless families have lovingly prepared earlier), I can’t quite let go entirely, so I have scoured the internet for ‘I-can’t-believe-they’re-not-Christmas trees’. The good news is there are lots of ideas for those with small spaces, sap allergies or demented pets.

Christmas Tree Alternatives 01

1. FABULOUS FABRIC.?This version of Ikea’s Margareta fabric isn’t around this year, but there’s nothing to stop us getting creative and crafting our own Christmas-tree wall hanging. Alternatively, you can find a similar design on Betsy Benn’s website.

Christmas Tree Alternatives 02

2. DELIGHTFUL DRIFTWOOD. This rustic creation from the Free People blog?features old tree branches and string lights used to conjure a lovely interpretation of a Christmas tree.

Christmas Tree Alternatives 03

3. PRETTY PINE. A simple design using strands of pine garland from Domino. Bonus:?comes with authentic Christmas tree smell.

Christmas Tree Alternatives 04

4. GORGEOUS GIFTS. We love this clever idea from Cot? Maison, mainly because it’s a great excuse to get wrapping early. Pile up your presents, top with a star and voil?.

Christmas Tree Alternatives 05

5. WONDERFUL WOOD.?Another suggestions?from Cot? Maison,?which requires a little more DIY savvy, is to source and recycle old wooden planks to create an unconventional Christmas tree. In the pros column, this improvised shelf system will come in handy all year round.

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