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#IMAGEinspires: The Apps Digital Experts Can’t Live Without

by Jeanne Sutton
30th Oct 2015

Apps. Yes, there are a gazillion out there in the internet ether, and a rare few are undeniably useful. Like the weather app YR which I was recommended by the son of a hobby angler. Not only does it give me a very accurate weather forecast, but I’m also up to speed on the direction in which the wind blows. Besides helping one decide on what coat to wear outside, apps can also help you in your day-to-day professional life. Note taking apps, password reminders and fitness tools are just some of the genuine life hacks your phone can provide. We decided to ask some of the women nominated in the Digital category of the IMAGE Businesswoman of the Year Awards for the apps which help them efficiently cut corners. ?

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BuzzSumo – A great?app?for content inspiration and influencer tracking

Canva – Images are so important in social media, this is a great?app?for making and doing.? A must for non-photoshop makers! This governs how I get paid!? A time tracker?app?which our whole team uses to track time spent on all the various client projects we have running at any one time.? End of the month, it’s so easy to export the times and give clients accurate billing.

Maryrose Lyons, founder, Brightspark Consulting

Maryrose Lyons, founder, Brightspark Consulting

The Audible App. Audible is an audiobook App and one that I use almost every day, sometimes a few times within a day. Time is my most precious commodity. Audible can’t give me back time but it can make the time that I use to perform some of my more mundane or necessary day to day tasks, a much more enriching experience.?As a busy mum and businesswoman, I was struggling to read anything that wasn’t work-related or homework-related. I joined a bookclub with some of my girlfriends with the best of intentions to stay connected with my friends and have a solid commitment to read more, but I was struggling.

Sandra McKenna, co-founder, Sheology Digital PIC: DAVE MEEHAN MONDAY 20TH JUNE 2011
Sandra McKenna, co-founder, Sheology Digital PIC: DAVE MEEHAN

Audible changed my life. I love reading, but I am a multi-tasker by both nature and necessity. It has allowed me to efficiently and effectively use my commute from Greystones to Sandyford everyday to catch up on my reading list. I also listen as I’m cooking, baking or waiting in line and it’s my companion on my daily run or walk.

Sandra McKenna, co-founder, Sheology Digital

TED talks
?ine Behan, CEO, Cortechs

From a work day point of view there’s one app that has raised itself to the rank of ‘precious commodity by sheer necessity’ and that’s the Keeper app. Who would’ve thought that I would grow to own 50+ usernames and passwords for everything from social media accounts access to god knows what, but each password is different and must be remembered. I pride myself on a good memory but there’s no way I can remember all those permutations of numbers and letters.

I just bought a Fitbit and love the health and fitness updates from it, so it may well knock the Keeper off first place.
?ine Behan, CEO, Cortechs

Niamh Bushnell
Niamh Bushnell, Dublin Commissioner for Startups

My favorite app is Evernote. I keep everything from speeches to reminders and to-do lists in it and access it probably thousands of times a day. It’s become the diary of my professional life these last few years and it’s fun to look back at different stages and see what I was up to, or trying to do!

Niamh Bushnell, Dublin Commissioner for Startups

Uber ? I use it every time I am San Francisco to get to meetings I can’t walk to.

My Fitness Pal – Although don’t use it enough!

My iPhone Camera – I use it as a mirror to check I’m looking okay before I walk into a meeting! I also use it to take photos of messages/charts etc. I don’t want to lose.

Anna Scally, partner and head of technology, media and telecoms practice, KPMG

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