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What I Hope 2017 Will Be Remembered For…

18th Jan 2017

Ahead of our Networking?Breakfast ‘Tips from the Top’ on Friday, February 3 at The Marker Hotel, we sat down with our speakers; three of the most prolific?businesswomen in Ireland to find out what they hope this year will be remembered for…

Dee Forbes
director general, RT?


“In 2017 we will see the pace of change in the media industry quicken further. The trends are there to see: live streaming will truly enter the mainstream – no longer the preserve of marketeers, it will be transformative for publishers and content makers. Increased competition will bring challenges but also opportunity – in RT?, we’re working hard to simplify how we trade, for example, and that drive toward simpler solutions for customers reflects broader trends that will gain traction in 2017. I hope that in 2017, as we observe, report on and digest world and home events, we will come to appreciate the unique value – the absolute necessity – of independent public media. Public service media with purpose is about helping people understand their relationship to events, to their home, to the world -and our role is about living that purpose. 2016 was an epic year for RT?, and for Ireland – from the 1916 commemorations, through sporting highs and artistic achievements, we saw the value of cultural social responsibility in real terms. That sense of connection, of authenticity and truth, is something I hope we can build on through 2017.”

Marissa Carter
CEO, Cocoa Brown


“My expectations for the success of Cocoa Brown have been surpassed many times over, my ambitions to grow the brand beyond Ireland were realised within the first year of business so as we wrap up our fourth year on 10,000 shelves around the world, my hopes are as bold as ever. I plan to run the Cocoa Brown, New York office myself for a year and give it socks in the U.S market which is where I see the biggest opportunity for expansion. The beauty industry moves fast, almost as fast as the tech industry I would say so being adaptable and nimble is a key strength for a player like Cocoa Brown in the international arena.”

Linda Kiely
co-founder & director, Voxpro


“My hope for 2017 is that I can look back and remember it for being the year that Voxpro’s strategic plans were realised; that we continued our ambitious expansion plans to become a truly global player, opening new sites across the globe and along the way continuing to hire many more passionate and innovative people to join the Voxpro family. I’m excited to look back on the journey we will have taken to grow our global footprint further into markets including APAC, Latin America and Eastern Europe. We have a culture of disruption at Voxpro and it’s our people and our culture that provides the point of difference in our services, which powers the customer operations of our partners who include Nest, Google and Airbnb globally. I hope that when I look back on the year, I will also remember it for which we added more exceptionally innovative partners to our client list.”

Friday, February 3

from 7.30am – 10.00am
WHERE The Marker Hotel,
Grand Canal Dock, Dublin 2


To book tickets, click here, ?call 01 271 9687 or email [email protected]

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