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Don’t Call Emma Stone ?Sweetheart? Whatever You Do

by Jennifer McShane
29th Oct 2015

The lovable, relatable and all around amazing?talent that is Emma Stone has a few words for anyone who attempts to call her a patronising pet name. In a new podcast series by the equally fabulous Lena Dunham, Stone revealed that men have called her many names during her working life – baby, babe, sweetheart, and honey (we’re cringing here) were, she said, just a few that came to mind – and she would like you not to call her by any of those, thank you very much. In fact, the actress has a few other inventive ideas that sound nicer and are off the mild derogatory scale when it comes to the topic of name calling. She doesn’t even like her own like that much, apparently.

So, both she and Lena Dunham, on the first mini episode of Dunham’s podcast series, ?Women of the Hour,? offered some alternatives after the Girls creator shared a preview of the episode online.

For starters, Stone wouldn’t mind the name ‘dude?: ?It means everything,? she said. ?It’s one of the only words in the American version of the English language that can mean anything.”

“Doc” is fine, too: “Actually any of the Seven Dwarves, I would love to be called Sneezy. Not Dopey! Don’t say Dopey! I would love to be Sleepy.”

And “Bucko” is another favoured option: “I want people to call me ‘bucko’ so much!” she added.

However, in true Emma Stone style, for her first choice, and even before her own name, she would like to be called ?Dragon? (yes, you read that correctly), and there is quite a lovely story behind the reason why.

“There was a guy that worked on the movie that was wonderful who was a security guy – I just finished a movie – and he said, ‘Let me help you out, ma’am,’ helping me out of a van which was lovely,? she explained. “And I said ‘Please don’t call me ma’am,’ and he said, ‘Okay, what would you like me to call you?’ and I said, ‘Dragon, and I’ll call you Nighthawk,’ which is from Step Brothers, so for the whole movie, he called me Dragon which is a hell of a name.”

And even if you don’t want to go down the creative naming route, the pair offered an alternative solution:

“The best-case scenario is people call you by a nickname of your name that you’re comfortable with because then it’s nice,” Stone added. “You know, like anyone can call me Em. That feels great. It feels personal and lovely, and you don’t have to say sweetheart. You can just say Em.”

Dunham added that even though the ‘sweetheart? terminology isn’t intended to cause offence or disrespect, it is a better option to simply avoid using it, just in case:

“Some guys may go, ‘Well, when I say sweetheart, I don’t mean it that way,'” Dunham said. “But it’s like, well then, when in doubt, don’t say sweetheart.”

“Yeah, just say their name.”

Wise words indeed. And ?Dragon? does have a certain ring to it.

Via E! Online