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Image / Editorial

Christina Hendricks’ Ashford Castle wardrobe is all we want for the new year

by Erin Lindsay
07th Jan 2020

Actress Christina Hendricks escaped to the west of Ireland for an early break this week, but her wardrobe was just as desirable as the surroundings

A break away to nature is what we all dream of during these tough first few weeks of January. City life, with commutes, grey skies and packed gyms don’t make for a very fresh new year, and we all turn our attention to where we could escape to for a weekend.

Actress Christina Hendricks obviously had the same idea when she cropped up for a trip to Mayo this week. Staying at the iconic and beautiful Ashford Castle, Hendricks made herself at home, with hikes, falconry and walking resident wolfhounds Cronan and Garvan around the grounds of the hotel.

With her country-chic attire and hair back to its flame-red signature colour, Hendricks looked every inch the part in Mayo. Her wardrobe has us thinking about where we’d like our sartorial spirits to wander this year, and we think first up may be the countryside.

Tweed, khaki and leather trimmings are failsafe timeless style options, and pairing them with 2020 trend pieces like sweater vests, waistcoats, chic hats and Fairisle knits bring them right up to new year freshness.

Curious to build your own castle-ready wardrobe? Here are our favourite options to recreate her look.

IMAGE loves…

ASOS DESIGN oversized square tweed scarf, €14.52 from ASOS


Wellies, €49.99 from Mango


Alpaca wool-blend jacquard sweater, €22.99 from Zara


Loops high waist trousers, €19.99 from Mango


Lipsy velvet cord baker boy hat in black, €24.89 from ASOS


Floral print blouse, €19.99 from Zara


Stirrup bag, €15.99 from Mango


Embroidered contrast sweater, €22.99 from Zara


Checked midi skirt, €25.99 from Mango


Houndstooth blazer, €39.99 from Zara

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