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How To Change Your Work Attitude In 60 Seconds

by Sinead Brady
10th Oct 2017

In today’s busy world it’s hard to find the time (or energy) to do the things we need to do let alone the things we would like to do. Yet, imagine if we used just one minute daily to consciously and mindfully plan a course of action that could bring the change we want or need? It sounds like a short amount of time, and it is, but by intentionally designating these 60 seconds to thoughtfully planning your career, you set yourself on an insanely powerful journey. So how can you become powerful in just 60 seconds? First off, there is a small, and I emphasise small, bit of preparation needed. With three steps to follow, technically, you could work your way through them in 60 seconds.


Consistency is the key to success. Promise yourself that you are going to consciously commit 60 seconds every single day to strategise towards your future.


Find a time that works for you and name it as your trigger event to move to action. Be really specific and set a reminder on your phone to get you in the habit.


Find a notebook that you enjoy to write in. Keep it exclusively for this process. If writing doesn’t work for you, try the voice recorder on your device. If you are more of a visual person try a vision board.

Next Steps ?

With the foundations in place, take the next step in your career. Choose one of the following options and for 30 days spend 60 seconds every day working on it.

Changing job – Consider your momentous career moments

Thinking about changing job and need a confidence boost? Spend your 60 seconds looking back over your career and identifying moments that stand out for you. Every day choose one aspect of your key career moments and detail the significance of it. This is a super simple way of recalling your achievements while boosting your confidence, providing the data to update your CV and preparing you for an interview.

Want to progress in your career? Ask these hero questions

Reflect on what you did during the day, or the previous day. Ask yourself ?What was the best part of my day??, ?What was the worst part of my day??, and ?What did I learn today??. Simple questions that carry huge potential. By thinking back over your day, you begin to catalogue what is going well for you, what could be better and how you could improve on.

Hate your job – Start an Enjoyment Catalogue

This is not a tactic to convince you that you like your job. No. Rather it is a way to remember what you enjoy in your current role. If you hate your job, the things you enjoy about it are likely buried beneath the trauma of the daily grind. During your 60 seconds ask yourself ?Was there a time during my day that I felt content, and why??, ?Is there a project or part of a project that I am enjoying, and why??, ?Is it the function of my job or my environment that makes me hate my job??. By identifying the aspects of your job that you actually enjoy you build hope and a tangential understanding of what it is you need in your next role.

Feeling Stressed – What are your non-negotiables?

If you’re feeling stressed, spend your 60 seconds figuring out how to re-calibrate. The antidote to stress is fuelling, charging and recharging yourself. Think about it- Would you expect your phone battery to last if you didn’t plug it in? What are your non-negotiables? Ask yourself ?Did I eat well today?? ?Did I take a lunch break??, ?Did I spend time with people who make me smile, are positive and good for me?? Did I spend time moving?? If you didn’t get to do any of these things, it’s likely this is contributory factor in your stress. Spend your 60 seconds figuring one small idea at a time as to how you might recalibrate and ?fix? this. Think of simple fixes. Brainstorm ideas.

Change, of any kind, doesn’t come easy. Breaking habits takes effort and forward thinking. Start today by consistently taking 60 seconds out of your day to plan your future, choose a daily trigger to remind you to do it and record your thoughts in a notebook or on your phone. Don’t forget, if you don’t design your own success someone will do it for you. Good luck!

Check Out Sinéad Brady’s website “A Career to Love”

Twitter: @CareertoLove