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Cabin fever busters: 5 ingenious ways to stay sane during lockdown

by Amanda Cassidy
18th Mar 2020

Getting used to the current bizarre circumstances we find ourselves in will take time — something we now have plenty of.  Amanda Cassidy compiles some invaluable resources to help our heads during the coronavirus crisis.

Adapt to survive is the key for many businesses, at a time where doors are being shut and jobs are being lost. But amid the uncertainty and worry, there is a stream of creativity emerging from many companies looking at alternative ways to stay to keep their customers.

Happily, we are here for it. All of it. Because as much homeschooling, entertaining little minds and cooking we now have to do in our homes, it is also important to keep our own mental health in check. And that means taking time to do something that sparks joy.

This St Patrick’s day was one we will never forget. That Leo speech, the heart-warming socially distant parades in people’s front gardens around the country, the sense of community spirit that was there, hidden all along. Who knew it would take a killer virus on the loose to draw it back out?

On social media, the overwhelming tone was pride, pride to be Irish, pride in our leaders and when it comes to the businesses who refuse to let this storm blow their hard-fought business away.

With that in mind, here are some of the more ingenious ones that will help in small ways to get us through the eye of this storm with our mental health intact.

Pilates at home

Well-known Platinum Pilates studios are closed currently — however, co-owner Milena has set herself up with professional live virtual cameras and the show must go on. Already today the company has had hundreds of clients logging on for classes in everything from body conditioning, prenatal pilates, as well as the all-important breath works and stress relief.
Clients just book in for a class on their online system (pick online classes at Clonskeagh) and then receive an email invite to join the class. If you fancy some pure escapism, mindfulness app Headspace is a great accompaniment to a nice stretch to tone your body. Check out Platinum’s website today.

Personal training

There is a time to be a couch potato and a time to get up and at ’em. The kids can join in too with personal trainers and mater coaches Ant and Ali Lynch.

The Dublin-based duo have moved their workouts online for free where you can squat your way through the day, lunge at something other than the washing trail on the floor and feel the burn via their dedicated fitness classes.

Check out their Instagram workouts on AntandAliLynch which will be on LIVE at 6pm from tomorrow (Thursday)

Fish and chips to die for

If we are going to be cooped up for weeks, choosing the best meals to look forward to when it comes to treating ourselves is key. Michael’s Seafood and Steak restaurant based in Mount Merrion received rave reviews when they opened a wine bar called Little Mikes, next door. Now, it has adapted to survive via a click and collect service Tuesday to Saturday 12 am until 10 pm.

Best of all is their zero interaction policy. You call 089 601 2079 about 30 minutes before you would like to collect your meal, text when you are 10 minutes away and staff will pop it into your car with a wipe.

The food choices are dreamy with everything from classic Spag Bol, Lambay crab claw and lobster crab cakes and black sole. You can find their ‘walk in the park’ menu here.

Homeschool fun

On Monday, the company will offer a free online session for all children of healthcare workers.

Educating those little minds doesn’t have to be a struggle (all of the time). Junior Einstein’s Science club has moved operations online with real scientists talking about science live to keep your children occupied. On Monday, the company will offer a free online session for all children of healthcare workers.

Some of the themes your children can learn about in the workshops are electricity, bones, slime, the science of chemistry and every kids’ favourite ‘From plate to poop – how the human digestive system works’. Live sessions can be booked online and cost just €10 per family.


We’ve never had more time to curl up with a good book and now with the coronavirus doom and gloom coming from every device, it is a good way to escape mentally for a bit for both you and your inmates.

Libraries Ireland today announced that you can now join their online library and get eBooks, audiobooks, online magazines and newspapers for free straight away.

What’s more, they are also offering the opportunity to take language and other courses online. Simply join online via their website here and start transporting yourself elsewhere for a bit.

This too shall pass

We will emerge changed, and hopefully healthy, but undoubtedly marked by this time of times.
After such a rousing live television address from the Taoiseach and the community spirit we felt more than ever, it is important to get used to our new normal, to find the things that make us happy, keep ourselves content, to remind ourselves that this version of back to basics doesn’t have to be all bad.
Someday soon hopefully, we will be free to resume that life we had to give up overnight. And just think of how much we will appreciate all those little things. The hugs, the freedom, the actual togetherness. We will emerge changed, and hopefully healthy, but undoubtedly marked by this time of times.
The night is darkest just before the dawn. Please try to find your chink of light whatever way you can.
Image via Unsplash.com

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