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Image / Editorial

An Industrious Trend

04th Nov 2014
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So the industrial trend has been done – and done again. Yet, unlike many more fickle interiors fads, it still shows no signs of fading. Instead it has cleverly matured and reinvented itself time and time again, most recently by teaming up with stripped-back whites, graphic monochromes and nude honey timber to bring an edge of Scandinavian simplicity into play. No longer does industrial inspiration mean dirty battered metals and chunky fittings; these days the look expresses itself with’simplified forms and copper pipes – think open-plan loft apartments, utilitarian glass vessels and exposed materials, with the trend’s classic grey coming through in lighter textiles and concrete accessories.

Above: Hemp cushion from Folklore

Taking inspiration from the Alsace house shoot in our new issue, we show how it’s possible to update the industrial look and to create an atmosphere of light and space, with injections of colour in the form of selected neon and pastel shades.

1. Silver work lamp designed by Form Us With Love, around €176, Royal Design.

2. Round & Round table by Max Lamb, €385, Makers & Brothers.

3. White porcelain tin can, €35.40, Folklore.

4. Copper-finish aluminium ?S? hook, €1.95, Article.

5. Monochrome hemp cushion, €88.50, Folklore.

6. Cousu de Fil Blanc Soap, €12.50, Industry.

7. Delta stainless-steel, beech and horse-hair dustpan and brush set, €28, Article.

8. Nicolle chair, €230.10, Folklore.

9. Dough scraper by Helen James, €2.50, Dunnes Stores.

10. Signal S1333 table lamp, €319, Finnish Design Shop.

11. Japanese white enamel teapot, around €70, Labour & Wait.

12. Black and white masking tape, €15.07, Bodie and Fou.

13. White wire bin, €54.90, Finnish Design Shop.

Here’s a caffeine-fuelled kickstart into the industrial aesthetic. The cool colours of these coffee accessories fit this trend perfectly.

Sheenagh Green for @Image_Interiors