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5 Minutes With Lisa Salzer of Lulu Frost

29th May 2017

Ahead of our Designer Dinner with Lisa Salzer of Lulu Frost this Thursday at The Marker Hotel, we decided to catch up with the New York designer?to hear more about her aesthetic.


At what point did you discover your passion for jewellery?

Growing up, my Grandma gave us jewellery at Christmas and birthdays, so we always had little pieces in our lives, which was amazing. Grandma managed a wonderful jewellery store in Pennsylvania, so she had a wealth of knowledge on the subject, and fantastic taste.

What was it that attracted you to vintage jewellery in particular?

The jewellery store that my?Grandma managed would collect a lot of Lalique, Fouquet, a lot of Victorian, Nouveau, and Deco, and some of the more modern Cartier pieces. So that’s where I got my love of vintage, which I then mix with modern touches to create what’s become the Lulu Frost signature.

Would you consider Lulu Frost a family business??

Absolutely, My Grandma died a year before I started Lulu Frost but the business still remains a family one. My mother is very involved, helping me source so many of the beautiful, vintage pieces which are transformed into contemporary pieces. She doesn’t work from the office but lives nearby in Long Island. I’m very connected to my mom, she and I are alike in many ways. We love art; we both go crazy in an antique shop! I never really had to ask her to get involved – she was just always there.

The number of collections under the Lulu Frost label continues to grow, is there a particular collection that holds a special place in your heart??

The Plaza Collection became the staple of my first collection back in 2004. I was lucky to buy old numbers and letters from a sale at the iconic?Manhattan hotel. I added chains to upcycle them into beautiful necklaces. The pieces struck such a chord, they attracted the attention of Anna Wintour, and quickly after that, a feature on Daily Candy. This opened so many doors for me, particularly the retail ones of Barney’s, Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus, Colette, Liberty and Matches. The letters and numbers remain in my ongoing collections.

Meet Lisa and see her new collection at our special Designer Dinner from 7pm on Thursday evening, June 1 at The Marker Hotel

To book a ticket please call 01 271 9687 or 01 271 9615.