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4 Great Places For A Christmas Pint in Dublin

by Jeanne Sutton
24th Dec 2015

Looking to plan a Christmas Eve meet-up with friends? Here are four Dublin pubs we’re shortlisting for Christmas pint options.

Grogans, Dublin City Centre

Everyone goes to Grogans because it is lovely. Undeniably charming. A landmark. Utterly traditional. Yes, you’ll probably end up standing outside or bruising your knees and elbows in the tiny ladies bathroom, but the scenic pros far outweigh the picky cons. This is prime people-watching territory and you are guaranteed to bump into someone you haven’t seen for an age. Also, Grogans do toasted sandwiches. Toasted sandwiches + fabulous people + pints = happiness.

Bowes, Dublin City Centre

I was once told by a seasoned travel editor never to use the word ?nook?, but I unashamedly love this little Victorian nook on Fleet Street. It’s dark inside, the mood is subdued, and the patrons are dead on. There’s a snug for small groups, although we sense this will be a site of genial battle come Christmas Eve? And, sometimes, staff give you baskets of chips and goujons for free around 6 o?clock. (Have you picked up on the fact that simple pub food makes me very happy?)


The Gingerman, Dublin City Centre

Once upon a time I was in the Gingerman with a gal pal while we were both bemoaning our poor-millennial-me existences. (We were both interning at the time.) A gentleman overheard and got us a pitcher and didn’t try to chat to us. That’s the kind of place The Gingerman is. Magical. The proprietors also do a pretty decent job of decorating the place come Christmas. Choose this Fenian Street pub if you’re looking for somewhere near the Dart. Pearse Street station is a mere skip away.


Walsh’s, Stoneybatter

Almost everyone with whom I engage in a ?Where do you live?? conversation always nods appreciatively when I tell them I live in Stoneybatter. It’s been up and coming the past few years see. We have an arthouse cinema and a restaurant devoted to barbeque. I’m waiting for the Scandi-inspired pop-up before I utter the words Celtic Phoenix about my neighbourhood/the place I rent in. While the jury may be out on whether Stoneybatter is the next brunch blackspot, one thing is certain – this city village has excellent pubs. Walsh’s is our favourite of the bunch. It’s got a small-town vibe with plenty of corners to hide away in.

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