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4 Awesome Vegetarian/Vegan Restaurants to Try in NYC

by Laura George
21st Nov 2017

Vegan restaurants in Manhattan are doing some of the best experimental farm to table cookie gin the country. Innovative and fresh, these are ones to watch regardless of your meat and dairy  intake. Head downtown for the most innovative vegetarian cooking in America, and maybe the world.

Superiority Burger 430 East 9th St

This hole in the wall joint has a tiny menu and a great backstory. Eager to shed the formality of Michelin kitchens like Del Posto where he used to be head pastry chef, Brooks Headley started SB last year. Everything’s veg but most items are ‘accidentally vegan’, too. The classic quinoa-based slider is a must, of course, but don’t miss the miso-drenched burnt broccoli salad and Philly Cheese sandwich when it’s in the rotation. What else would you be doing for a tenner?


ABCv, 888 Broadway

The newest of the three spectac restaurants masterminded by the legendary Jean-Georges Vongerichten within the feast for the senses that is ABC Home (hands down one of the most beautiful interiors shops in the world,) takes vegetables to a whole new level. Its mission is to” inform and inspire a cultural shift towards plant-based intelligence”. Consider us converted. Generous sharing plates (order 2-3 per person) optimise access to the widest range of dishes. You’ll want to try everything so bring as many people as possible with you. We did and the standouts were green hummus with Thai basil, spinach and kale pasta with preserved lemon and saffron crumb, a relatively simple avocado/sprout/yogurt dosa that just kept on giving and whipped sunchoke and leafy greens. Expect to spend $50 for lunch.

Dirt Candy, 86 Allen Street

Look at all the things vegetables can be that you never thought of! Miniature beets stuffed with beet greens, jalapeno hush puppies with maple butter, hot dogs, (broccoli stems in brioche), brussels sprouts tacos (see above) and burgers (carrot sliders where there is no pretense of creating a patty- just a perfectly marinated slice of carrot). Amanda Cohen delivers a visual extravaganza as well as an umami-fest. Book a large (Vegetable Garden, $83) or small (Vegetable Patch, $57) tasting menu to experience the full scope of the kitchen’s genius. You’ll literally eat the rainbow. We also love that tipping is included in the set menus.

Ivan Ramen, 25 Clinton Street

Watch the Netflix Chef’s Table episode on the founder and you’ll begin to understand why this place is so special. Every bite’s infused with passion. For vegetarians, there’s a complex mushroom-based broth which sets off the signature rye flour noodles and their sourdough tang just perfectly. A bowl of love, for under $20.

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