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10 Feel Good Podcasts To Uplift And Inspire

by Geraldine Carton
06th Jan 2018

Podcasts are everywhere these days. In what feels like a couple of months, every Tom, Dick and Harry has apparently found themselves a microphone, and wham-bam, they now have their own show. Sifting through the current world of podcasts and figuring out which ones are actually worth your time, is not as easy as it once was.

But fear not! We have picked out a few specific beauts that have a feel-good slant (it is January, after all), so you can start 2018 feeling uplifted and with a shifted frame of mind.

1. Invisibilia

The Secret Emotional Life Of Clothes

How much do the clothes we wear actually transform us? This episode has some particularly brilliant stories that fashion fiends will appreciate, including a man who has worn sunglasses, near constantly, since high school and another who may have survived the Holocaust by wearing a Nazi officer’s shirt.

2. Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations

Brené Brown, Daring Greatly

This podcast sees Orpah and guests exploring life’s big questions, and although some episodes can be a bit preachy (the AH-HA Moments can sometimes verge on the heavy side) this specific episode is a good’un. Dr. Brené Brown is a woman in the know as far as the study of vulnerability is concercerned. Her whole preface is that our lives can exponentially improve by allowing ourselves to be a bit vulnerable every now and again. Give it a listen, you’ll be asking that crush out before you know it.

3. An Irishman Abroad

Chris O’Dowd: Episode 175

Chris O’Dowd is a 10/10 chancer, and you can’t help but love him for it. Hosted by the softly spoken Jarleth O’Regan, this interview with the Moonboy creator/ our favourite boy-next-door reveals how Chris got to where he is thanks to his ballseyness, as much as his acting talent. It makes for a surprisingly inspirational episode; encouraging us all to bite the bullet and see where our own quick thinking and charm can lead us…

4. The Adam Buxton Podcast

Ep. 29 Louis Theroux

If you’re a fan of Louis Theroux and his brilliant documentaries, and if you’re anything like me, then you’ll jump at the chance to hear him in conversation with equally intelligent and quick-witted college pal, and host of this podcast, Adam Buxton. The two bounce off each other beautifully and their hilarious banter sets the basis for a bromance that we would all like to achieve, even if we’re not, you know technically, a “bro”.

5. Desert Island Discs

Tom Hanks/ Jo Malone

Kirsty Gallagher is the longtime host of this iconic radio show that hypothetically casts guests away on a desert island with nothing but a selection of their favourite songs, the bible, and the complete works of Shakespeare. Throughout the show guests explain their choices, often revealing details from childhood and iconic moments throughout their past. Although there are chunks of gold in each episode, my favourites have to go to Tom Hanks and Jo Malone because, they are both just so incredibly lovely. The 2004 episode with Kim Catrall’s is also a nice one for those of you feeling particularly nostalgic today.

6. Multiplier Mindset

Why Finding Your Purpose Is The Key To Reaching Your Life Goals

Finding your purpose in life is one of the surest ways to keep your ambition alive and always enjoy happiness and satisfaction in life. Dan Sullivan shares how he discovered his purpose and what that has meant for him as an entrepreneur. Guided by the re-occuring question “How far can I go?”, you’ll come away with the overwhelming sense that barriers are there to be broken.

7. The Guilty Feminist

Taking Up Space with Desirée Burch

Comedian, host, and empowering voice-of-reason, Deborah Frances-White leads this panel which addresses 21st-century feminism in a refreshingly accessible way. Despite the nature of the issues discussed, the host and her guests do not take themselves too seriously. This episode is filled with lots of chuckle-worthy quips and one-liners as the panel discusses what it’s like to take up space as a modern day woman.

8. The Women’s Podcast

Self-Care as Kindess, with Karina Melvin & Mary McGuire

Kicking off from World Kindness Day, this episode deals with the reality of practicing self-care and being kind to oneself. Psychotherapist Karina Melvin discusses artful eating, which is all about eating healthily but also for pleasure at the same time. My favourite part of this episode was when the importance for looking after your mind, not just your body, came into play.

9. The Tony Robbins Podcast

How To Create Life-Changing Moments

Why do certain experiences influence us so strongly? And how can seemingly fleeting moments impact us in way that we remember them for years? In this episode of the Tony Robbins, you’ll hear from bestselling author, speaker and professor – Dan Heath, all about the above questions, with tips on how can we intentionally create experiences and moments that will enrich and enhance our lives, as well as those of others.

10. The Moth

“Whatever Doesn’t Kill Me” by Ed Gavagan

I’m a big fan of The Moth, and this episode from 2011 is one that has never completely left my mind since I first listened to it. It features a man talking about the difficulties he now faces as he continues to recover from a random violent attack which left him with only a 2% chance of surviving. Inspirational is only the half of it. Listen here.


Main Photo by Juja Han on Unsplash