Deliciously Ella shares her top five tips for a successful business

Ella Mills went from foodie blogger to entrepreneur in just a few short years, and she's not showing any signs of slowing down. Her new cookbook has become the fastest selling vegan cookbook of all time in the UK. Ahead of her upcoming health and wellness event (tickets available here), Ella sat down to tell us her top five tips for a successful business.

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1. "Create your business with a real 'why'. Know exactly why you do what you do; why does it matter? Why does the world need it? Every company knows what they do, but the special ones know why they do it. There’s a great book called Start With Why that I’d really recommend, it’s very powerful."

2. "Take your ego out of it. Acknowledge your strengths and your weaknesses; where you can help the business and where you need help. No one is the best at everything. We all need support and knowing when to ask for it really helps build trust and strength in an organisation."

3. "Team is everything. Our team is our foundation, nothing would happen without them. Thank them every day, reward them, share equity with them. Make sure they know that you’d never be where you are without them and hire the best people you can."


4. "Find a consistently optimistic attitude. You have to think you can achieve the impossible to do something that hasn’t been done before. You’ll meet so many hurdles along the way, some that feel insurmountable, and that attitude will be what sees you through."

5. "Love what you do. Wake up each day with genuine excitement about your business. Life is too short not to feel that way."

Want to join Deliciously Ella on Tuesday, 4th September at Medley Dublin? She’ll be sharing her top tips for enjoying a healthy, balanced lifestyle over canapés and champagne. There will also be a Q&A session followed by a meet and greet. Click here for tickets.

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