The importance of beauty sleep, and the soothing products to help you achieve it

Getting your beauty sleep - a solid eight hours - is as important as any product, lotion or treatment you could ever apply topically. Here are some things that will aid that restful sleep you need...

When you sleep, your body has a chance to assess and sort out everything that's happened to your body that day. Whether that's thoughts to process, a drink to pass through your liver, or skin cells on your face to renew and freshen, a lot happens while you're dreaming a dream.

If you're struggling to nod off, there are some things you can try to help. I love the deep breathing method - seven second breath in, seven second hold, seven second (noisy!) exhale, and repeat three times. Combine that with the following products and I am gone within minutes.

Beauty sleep starter pack


beauty sleep

Neom Wellbeing Pod Essential Oil Diffuser and Scent To Sleep Essential Oil Blend

€130 from

Ever since I got my Neom Wellbeing Pod I've been fairly reliant on it, and I even got a second one for the downstairs of my house. I FULLY believe in it's powers of relaxation, and for that reason, I highly recommend it. If you're not comfortable burning candles in the bedroom or late at night, this is for you.

Pillow perfect

beauty sleep

This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray


€23 from

I put this on my pillow if I've had a particularly hectic day. Do you know those days where you're doing 90 things right up until the second your head hits the bed, and somehow you're just unable to wind down?

I find three deep breaths, deep exhales and this on the scene works wonders to help me drop my shoulders and doze off.

Slather and chill

beauty sleep

NIVEA Oil in Lotion Coconut & Monoi Oil

€7.99 from


This product is so soothing to me because it gives me the luxury and the lovely feeling of hydrated body skin at night, minus the long wait for it to ‘dry in’. The formula is a fast-absorbing body lotion that sinks straight in to dry skin.

I’m mad about it, and I use it before I want a great night’s sleep as part of a ‘you’re chilling out now’ ritual - a silent signal to my body that it’s going to sleep.

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