Face Mask Selfies Are The New Thing

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Face masks are the LBD of the beauty world. We don't wear them every day but when we do the results are instantly gratifying. Products absorb better, make up glides on effortlessly and our skin seems airbrushed, if only for a few hours. Celebs cream up pre red carpet and the supes have been spotted soaking up the benefits backstage at NYFW. ?#facemaskselfies, the new #nomakeupselfies, are infiltrating our instagram feed and reminding us how much we heart a good mask. But sometimes the cost can be a stretch. Especially if, like us, you like to slap it on recklessly for that top-of-the-cupcake butter icing look; you'd be lucky to get more than a month from the tiny tube.

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Like all good things, there's a homemade version that can tide you over until payday. We bring you two of the easiest beauty recipes for guaranteed glow. Fluorescent spice, turmeric, is India's secret skin saviour while seaweed is the oceans anti-aging ace. Best of all, you can indulge for less than a fiver. Choose your filter wisely.


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The #turmerictroubleshooter

? teaspoon turmeric powder

1 teaspoon honey

1 - teaspoons of milk

Blend all the ingredients together in a small bowl. Gently massage the mixture onto your face and neck. No need to avoid the under eye area, this mask is great for dark circles. Put your feet up for 5-10 minutes, anymore and you risk being tinted a shade tangerine. (We may have had to forfeit a night on the tiles due to an overly enthusiastic snooze and resulting oompa loompa hue. True story.) Turmeric can also stain facecloths, towels and bed sheets; you've been warned. Break out the old stuff when cleansing post mask. Colour aside, the results are seriously impressive and get better with repeated use.



The #seaweedsoother

2-4 sheets of dried nori seaweed

Carefully break the sheets into inch wide strips. Soak the pieces in a bowl of lukewarm water until the texture turns rubbery and malleable. This will only take couple of seconds. Remove from the water and place the seaweed directly onto your face and neck. Relax for 15-20 minutes and breathe in the salty perfume circulating your nostrils (it's not too bad, we promise!). Remove, rinse and marvel at your omega-ed epidermis.

Michelle O'Brien @leche_vitrines

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