Every Beauty Hack You Can Do With Coconut Oil

Yes, you know that coconut oil is the ultimate beauty master. And though we've had our doubts about consuming it by the spoonful into our bellies, there is absolutely no reason not to lather yourself in coconut oil topically. But while we know it's good for you and works wonders on hair and skin, we can't say we've been too sure about what exactly to do with it. Do we just apply it straight to our face with a spatula? Do we pop it in our hair pre wash or post wash or do we even wash it out? Thankfully, along comes an infographic from Health Perch (via Mind Body Green) that demonstrates the myriad ways in which you can put your tub of coconut oil to use. We had no idea you could use it to make deodorant. We also had no clue it would help in the fight against acne. As you'll find below, the possibilities are endless.

What's your favourite way to work with coconut oil? Have you found it to be super beneficial? A world of options awaits.

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