Chanel's New Magical Serum

If there's one brand synonymous with timeless, classic beauty, it's always going to be Chanel. With the new year on their horizons, they'll have lots of new beauty treats on the way for us loyal fans but one that we're particularly excited for is their Hydra Beauty Micro Serum; a supposed cosmetic breakthrough. Lucky for us, we've managed to get our hands on some to try.

Touting itself as a 'hydra-revolution', this serum marks the first of its kind, a microfluidic serum with camelia oil microdroplets that promise to fuse with our skin for continuous hydration and an intense plumping effect.

At first, this serum will feel quite wet going onto your skin, but that, we're told, is a good thing. It literally transforms the minute it touches your skin, as a beneficial wave flows deep into the epidermis to refresh your skin, smooth and replenish it. The gorgeous camelia microdroplets are then diffused and married with skin cells for a lovely comforting sensation, leaving your skin oh so soft to the touch.


Prepare for super silky skin that feels instantly revived and radiant. Or in short, you'll simply feel good. A tub of this magic will cost you €81.

And as for the party season, don't miss our exclusive video with the beauty wizards of Chanel as they walk us through the perfect festive look, step by step.


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