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We reviewed the latest range of Body Shop's glamorous and ethical beauty products...

Here at Image we are big fans of the Body Shop. Their logo 'Beauty with Heart' is no empty sentiment, as their brand promotes fair trade, defends human rights, uses enviromentally friendly goods and as well as aiming to promote positive beauty norms for women. So well as making you feel good about your complexion, they'll make you fell good about your consumerism.

So you can imagine our joy when we got a sneak peak at their latest range of cosmetics. The Body Shop have recently added three new lipsticks to their growing range, in on-trend colours of pale pink, coral, and nude. These colours look natural and suit every skintone too. The lipsticks glide on easily, adding moisture with a sweet but not too strong rose fragrance. The lipsticks are made with marula oil made through Community Fair Trade and sourced in the Eudafano Women's Co-Operative which is helping 1750 women to earn fair income. Not bad for a lipstick at all!




The Body Shop also has a new range of Colour Crush eye shadows in an array of natural tones, ideal for the perfect smokey eye, that will take you from day to night depending on which colours you emphasize. The shadows glide on easily and the powders are just thick enough, so they stay put and don't fade easily. No wonder given the delicious natural ingredients used, such as honey, organic virgin coconut oil, marula oil,'sesame oil, and Community Fair Trade Brazil nut oil which comes from the Candela co-op in Peru where trade has helped to protect 3,000 hectares of rainforest in the Madre De Dios region. An impressive product from an even more impressive origin.

Last is our new favourite gel eyeliner that is ALSO a brow tint. This clever little two-in-one comes with a brush that fits into the handle of the inkpot. The brush is perfect for doing straight gel line on the eye-lid (wave wonky eyeliner flicks adieu) as well as adding soom 'oomph' (yes, that is the scientfic term) to your brows. The strong colour is ideal for 'power brows' while the brush blends well. We can't get enough of this smart 2-in-1 for its practicality, dual function, easy application and long-lasting quality. We're stocking up!


Overall, we're swooning over The Body Shop's latest range and you know contribution to the world in general. You can buy their products in The Body Shop stores nationwide with these new editions availabel from the 31st of July or purchase them online here.



Rachel Lavin @RachelLavin

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