The IMAGE Christmas Gift Guide

christmas wishlist


IMAGE Magazine Editor Lauren Heskin’s Christmas wishlist

IMAGE Magazine Editor Lauren Heskin shares her Christmas 2023 wishlist.I am a sucker to gifting (to others and…

By Lauren Heskin

Christmas wishlist


Staff Writer Sarah Gill’s Christmas wishlist

Staff Writer Sarah Gill shares her Christmas wishlist.I am absolutely adamant that 2024 will finally be the year…

By Sarah Gill

Megan Burns Christmas wishlist


IMAGE Interiors Editor Megan Burns’ Christmas wishlist

IMAGE Interiors Editor Megan Burns shares her Christmas wishlist...As much as I love sparkly party wear, what I…

By Megan Burns

Lizzie Gore-Grimes Christmas wishlist


IMAGE Editor-in-Chief Lizzie Gore-Grimes’ Christmas wishlist

IMAGE Editor-in-Chief Lizzie Gore-Grimes shares her Christmas wishlist...If you haven’t tried Ireland's very first home-grown Vermouth, you’re in…

By Lizzie Gore-Grimes

Sarah Finnan Christmas wishlist


Deputy Digital Editor Sarah Finnan’s Christmas wishlist

Deputy Digital Editor Sarah Finnan shares her Christmas wishlist...As you can see, my Christmas wishlist is all about…

By Sarah Finnan

Dominique McMullan Christmas wishlist


IMAGE Editorial Director Dominique McMullan’s Christmas wishlist

IMAGE Editorial Director Dominique McMullan shares her Christmas wishlist...I have watched Irish designer Hope Macaulay go from strength…

By Dominique McMullan

Sophie Power Christmas wishlist


Marketing & Memberships Director Sophie Power’s Christmas wishlist

Marketing & Memberships Director Sophie Power shares her Christmas wishlist...A really nice pyjama set is the ultimate luxury.…

By Sophie Power

IMAGE Intern Hannah Stapleton's Christmas wishlist


IMAGE Intern Hannah Stapleton’s Christmas wishlist

IMAGE Intern Hannah Stapleton shares her Christmas wishlist...A black bag is, in my opinion, a foolproof gift. This…

By Hannah Stapleton

Emily Farrell Christmas wishlist


IMAGE Social Media Manager Emily Farrell’s Christmas wishlist

IMAGE Social Media Manager Emily Farrell shares her Christmas wishlistI adore comfort, so Lululemon Leggings and a nice…

By Emily Farrell

Marlene Wessels Christmas wishlist


IMAGE Art Director Marlene Wessels’ Christmas wishlist

IMAGE Art Director Marlene Wessels shares her Christmas wishlistThe baskets from are all handmade in Ghana and…

By Marlene Wessels

Karen Bell Christmas wishlist


Head of Branded Content and Operations Karen Bell’s Christmas wishlist

Head of Branded Content and Operations Karen Bell shares her Christmas wishlist...I think I've found my favourite candle,…

By Karen Bell



Irish-made goods to treat yourself to this new year

From hampers packed with Irish treats to the chance to completely unwind, these are perfect if you’re looking…

By Megan Burns

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