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No sink? No problem: What to use when rinsing isn’t an option

by Aisling Keenan
21st Jun 2019

Sometimes, there’s just no sink. Whether you’re at a festival or just can’t be bothered going to a bathroom, you still need to cleanse the day off. Here’s how I handle being without H2O…

Cleansing with wipes really isn’t an option anymore. Let’s be frank here, the planet doesn’t deserve it and neither does your skin. So when you’re caught on the hop without a sink or a reasonable place to rinse cleanser off your face, what are your options if you can no longer turn to face wipes for help?

No sink saviours…

First thing’s first – always have cotton pads to hand! Better yet, get reusable ones or even a muslin cloth. You might not have water but you will still need to wipe excess product off your face.

no sink

Reusable Cotton Pads

€10.50 from

And then we have…

…your choice of cleanser. Micellar water is probably the best option here – bonus points if it takes of eye make-up too. I favour a milky textured one, but personal preference is key. You know your skin, and you’ll know what will make it most comfortable.

Micellar water, in case you’re not sure, is a cleanser which contains suspended surfactant molecules which attract dirt and oil. If you’re stuck and need to use one, do, but on a normal day when you have got a sink or water at your disposal, follow a micellar first cleanse with a salicylic cleanse afterward to really remove all surface leftovers.

My Clarins Re-Move Micellar Cleansing Milk

€19.50 from

And lastly make sure to…

…employ a skin treatment lotion or toner, followed my your favourite moisturiser. My pick for this would be my old reliable P50 from Biologique Recherche, partly because I use it every day anyway and partly because it exfoliates, purifies skin and balances pH.

no sink

Biologique Recherche P50 Lotion

See for more information

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Photo from Unsplash