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From the IMAGE archives: A funny look at the early days of waxing in 1982

by Hannah Hillyer
24th Mar 2019

This week, we’re looking back at ‘de-fuzzing’ advice from the 1982 June issue of IMAGE Magazine. Expect suggestions of Immac (before it was called Veet!) and mentions of underarm waxing as a scary new treatment to try. Given our commitment to hair removal these days it reads very kitsch as now we’re all pros at getting much more than our underarms waxed.

Hair in the right places is beautiful. In the wrong places, it’s unsightly and an embarrassment. Summer calls for smooth limbs, bare legs that have to be hair-free. Here is a rundown on the best ways of dealing with a hairy problem.

Depilation Creams

Still one of the most popular ways of removing hair on legs and underarms. Good for those who suffer from slightly dry skin on legs as it is less drying than shaving or waxing. (Legs lack sufficient oil glands to keep them constantly smooth and shiny so whatever method you use, a good body lotion essential.) Depilatory creams come in a variety of forms: tubes and tubs which need to be applied with a spatula and can be rather messy, or spray lotions which last for about six applications, One of the best, Immac Aerosol spray, removes hair quickly, inhibits quick regrowth. Immac cream is safe for hair removal around the bikini line but always spot test any cream before using it generally to check for allergy and irritation. Don’t use creams on sore places or open cuts.


Increasingly popular method of hair removal as it definitely leaves skin feeling softer and re-growth is much slower. However, it isn’t true that waxing legs makes hair regrow finer. Don’t try waxing under your arms unless you’re a masochist. Even leg waxing takes a certain amount of steely nerve. Other disadvantages are that you have to allow hair to grow a certain length before you can effectively remove it with wax and the process can be rather dangerous if you are waxing at home and have no method of controlling the temperature of the wax. Best to start your waxing at a beauty salon. Most salons in Dublin offer a leg waxing service.

When leg waxing, don’t forget the backs of your thighs. This can be a particularly hairy area and with skirts going up, hair needs to come off! The advantage of waxing upper thighs is that hair here is usually long but fine – can be waxed away efficiently and easily.

This article originally appeared in the June 1982 issue of IMAGE Magazine.