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Hair Trends To Try: Rose Gold For Summer 2017

by Niamh ODonoghue
31st May 2017
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What better way to start summer than with a new ‘do? Niamh O’Donoghue took a visit to the Wella Professional Studio at Chancery Lane, Dublin 8, to try one of this year’s hottest hair trends.

The moment I realised I was addicted to dyeing my hair was walking out of the salon looking like a flock of flamingos had made my head their home.

Several buzz cuts, bobs, shades of pink, blue, violet, strawberry blonde, later, I’ve decided it’s time to refine my colour choice. I am a very serious journalist after all, and I need a hair colour that reflects that.

LOL not really. But anyone who has overly-coloured their hair – especially if you’re a naturally dark brunette like me – will know that trips to the salon and home care do not come cheap.

There are a plethora of trends and colours available at the minute – from subtle and shimmering pearlescent, chic grey’s, to full-on mermaid hair; but rose gold and peachy tones are favoured by colourists because they’re not as harsh on hair and they’re generally easier to wear than say grey colours.

After a recent pink spell, I wanted something that was fashion-forward and trendy, but a colour that is also manageable at home, cost-effective and low maintenance, and something that will blend out of my hair naturally so that I’m not left with obvious roots. After a quick consult at the Wella Professional Studio in Chancery Lane, Dublin 9, I decided that?rose-gold could be the right choice for me.?

My hair before colouring was a dry mix of blonde, brown, and copper tones

My Wella haircare professional Treasa Dollard described my hair as being’dark blonde with red and orange underlying tones, medium texture to touch (not coarse), and quite porous due to the previous bleaching. To the untrained eye (i.e my eye) however, my hair is thick and slightly dry and brittle towards the ends; which in itself is a miracle considering the copious amounts of bleaching it has had to endure.

Studio?and Field Technician Treasa kickstarted the process by further lightening sections of my hair and applying a root application to enhance my natural colour. This also gives the appearance that my hair had not been coloured. Pinky and peachy toners were used to achieve the light blush effect and my hair was treated with an in-salon colour-save infusion and emulsion duo. The infusion helps to repair dry and damaged hair, while the emulsion penetrates into the follicle to help keep the colour for extra 3-4 washes. I recommend asking your stylist about these next time you visit the salon: my hair feels so silky smooth and lightweight, and it was a luxurious little add-on!

Bye bye yellow tones, hello warm peach

The end result was a beautiful copper overlay with?peach?and pink undertones and despite having my hair bleached, it feels really healthy and strong. I had concerns about the colour fading; especially because I enjoy swimming but still like to have my hair looking fresh for work events and evenings with friends. If your lifestyle sounds similar, Treasa recommends using System Professional colour save shampoo and conditioner, and Wella Colour Recharge conditioner in warm red to maximise the peach and pink hues.

Wella Professional Colour Recharge, €15, System Professional ?Colour Save Shampoo, €22; both available at your nearest Wella Salon

When investing in a trend or a complete hair change it’s important to also invest in at-home care. Treasa, who has over 19-years experience, ‘recommends avoiding home remedies to counteract hair that has been exposed to daily pollutants and chemicals. ?A lot of people use coconut oil as a way to treat hair at home if they’ve run out of salon products, but don’t always wash it out thoroughly. Coconut oil is used for cooking so when the product is left in your hair and you apply heat to it, you’re essentially cooking your hair,” she says.


“My general rule of thumb when it comes to hair colouring and care is that, if all else fails you can cut it and start again. In the words of Sabrina Spellman; hair grows! Although Treasa did make an excellent point about making a considered decision before making a drastic hair change: “Asking yourself whether or not your lifestyle allows for your desired hair colour, what the expected maintenance and cost will be like, and whether it will suit your skin colour and face shape,” Treasa said.

If this doesn’t wet your hair-dyeing taste buds, take a look at our gallery above for perfect rose-gold inspiration.