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Clean Out Your Beauty Bag: New Makeup And Old Reliables To Beat The January Blues

by Jennifer McShane
04th Jan 2018

Before undertaking any sort of mind or body rejuvenation in January, I always look first in my makeup bag. Worn and inevitably smudged with blobs of foundation, it contains the products that should have been tossed months ago – if only to make room for the cult buys of 2018. This year, innovation is the latest beauty buzzword; it’s about the products that go above and beyond what they say on the tin. Jennifer McShane rounds up a few to look out for and the products she simply can’t bear to throw away.       

Newbies To Lust Over

Bobbi Brown Extra Lip Tint In Bare Pink Sparkle, €32.50 

Redken’s All Soft Mega Recovery Sheet Mask, approx. €13, out February  

If you thought sheet masks for your face were big in 2017, this year Redken is taking the trend one step further, having created the first sheet mask for your hair.  Inspired by Korean trends, it aims to give your locks a major moisture boost while locking in colour and adding shine.

Clinique FIT Lip and Cheek Stain, approx €25

This multipurpose gem was designed with workouts in mind. It’s fragrance and oil-free, won’t run, fade or move (yes, even if you’re sweating) and is designed to be fuss-free. Your gym skin will be looking better than ever.

Old Reliables Worth Keeping

Image Vital C Hydrating Anti-Aging Serum, €63.90

I’m on my third bottle since I discovered this last year – one bottle should last at least six months – and I still can’t believe how much it’s transformed my skin. Infused with the highest bio-availability of oil-soluble Vitamin C, this helps to instantly soothe environmentally damaged skin or heals tender skin after a peel or treatment. As well as that, this hydrating serum rejuvenates dull, dry, tired skin and minimises and smoothes visible effects of stress and fatigue – it’s full of vitamins A, E and highly potent antioxidants to nourish the skin – after a few weeks of use, your skin will literally glow. It also doesn’t clog any pores or leave a greasy residue.

Clarins Gentle Exfoliator Brightening Toner, €31

Clarins toner

This is a quick and easy exfoliator to use if you’re on the go and still the one I always go back to. It’s a gentle and refreshing exfoliating lotion formulated with ultra-gentle Tarmarind fruit acids, which eliminate impurities thus leaving skin smooth and bright and not overly dry. Simply add a few drops to a cotton pad and pat on your face.

Pixi & Caroline Hirons Double Cleanser, €33 

Fuss-free double cleansing? Yep, there’s a product for that.  On one side is a solid cleansing oil (that melts on contact with the skin) and on the other is a cleansing cream. And both are as kind to the skin as you can get, as this gem of a product contains no mineral oil, no shea butter, no parabens and no animal by-products. As with all Pixi products; this is really super-effective. The oil melts all makeup away while the cream cleanser eliminates any excess traces of dirt and skin is left smooth, soft and flake-free.