WATCH: Discover The Power Of Balance With Kathryn Thomas And Our Panel Of Experts

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In partnership with Avonmore Balance Milk, IMAGE?is'seeking to help women to find?better?balance in all aspects of our hectic lives with a new series, Discover The Power Of Balance.

Watch a taster of the forthcoming Discover The Power Of Balance series and be inspired to join us in making some exciting and effective changes in your own life.



From greater equilibrium?in our work lives to practical ways to navigate the tricky tightrope that is our financial juggle, we want to develop strategies to bring back that longed-for sense of calm amid the clamor of career, health,'relationships and financial matters.

By bringing a little harmony back into our packed schedules, we are then free to enjoy our lives to the fullest and to feel?invigorated by our commitments rather than enslaved to them.

We asked you, our readers, how you felt about the balancing act of your day-to-day. Our survey was completed by over 1000 Irish women and shone a light on some of the biggest concerns for all of us navigating the at-times demanding contemporary?landscape.

The findings were revealing.

Over 40 percent of those polled, felt they did not have a good work-life balance.

About one-third of respondents find themselves arguing about finances with their partner.

The vast majority of respondents reported having just 1-2 hours of 'me? time per week, while more than half of our readers admitted to frequently working through lunch, and for one-third of those polled, this is a?daily'reality.


Join us in the coming weeks when Avonmore Balance Milk in partnership with IMAGE will bring you invaluable insight and advice from Ireland's leading experts across a diverse set of disciplines. Our experts will be guiding five IMAGE readers with practical tips on how to regain some essential balance in their lives.

We will be learning how to incorporate activity into our demanding schedules with fitness guru, Kathryn Thomas of Pure Results Bootcamp.

Psychologist Allison Keating from Bwell Clinic will be offering a practical approach to nurturing our relationships with friends, family and, perhaps most importantly, ourselves.

Sin?ad Brady, a career psychologist will be recommending strategies for regaining balance in the workplace.


Dietician, Paula Mee has some brilliant, achievable?changes to make for a more balanced approach to nutrition.

Lastly, personal finance expert, Sinead Ryan offers tips for saving and managing money?to put some balance?back into the bank balance.

New Avonmore Balance Milk with extra protein and added iron, is specifically designed to put back in what life takes out.

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