The Best Bad Irish Accents On Screen

First up Gerard Butler. Despite being from our beautiful Celtic allies, the land of the Scots, Gerard was unable to pin our Irish accent. However, his hammy performance elevated the mostly forgettable romantic comedy PS I Love You to cult-like status. For that we salute you Gerard. Also, that haircut is so Celtic Tiger Ireland we can't cope.

Get ready to cringe.

Matthew Goode is known to discerning television viewers as The Good Wife's dreamy counsel Finn, but there was a time this dramatic actor had to earn his bread and butter by accepting a part in the brilliantly abysmal Leap Year. Inexplicably starring Amy Adams and John Lithgow, Leap Year is the story of an uptight American who needs to travel across Ireland with Goode's grumpy Kerry bartender so that she can propose to her boring fianc?. There's a lot going on and for some reason the cross-country jaunt takes days, instead of mere hours. Listen to Matthew have a mystical ramble below.

Before Tom Cruise only ever starred in endless Mission Impossible movies, he came to Ireland for a few months with his wife Nicole Kidman to shoot Far and Away. It was an intended epic that never reached Gone With the Wind heights, but begad Cruise's accent was brilliantly dire. Here he throws some Taming the Shrew shapes while discussing mass.


Sean Connery can't nail an Irish accent. So what? He's Sean Connery. Who are you? And he's crooning his sexy heart out in Darby O?Gill and the Little People.

Who did we leave out? Let us know below.

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