Taylor Swift's New Video Is A Hollywood Melodrama

New Taylor Swift music video. And it features Clint Eastwood's sexy son as well as groomed safari animals!

Take a moment to pause the Monday morning moaning and to-do list compiling, because there's a new Taylor Swift music video. And it's a dramatic one. For Wildest Dreams, from her record-breaking album 1989, Swift has chosen to channel the glamour of Hollywood's golden age, playing a inky-haired starlet who has a complicated relationship with her dashing co-star, played by Clint Eastwood's son Scott, while they shoot a movie on the plains of Africa.

There's sepia tinge, a gorgeous wardrobe, a man with dusty dirt in all the right crevices, vintage sunglasses, a new wig on Taylor, flashes of lightening, zebras and lions, a vague plot with an airplane ride and conflict. Open-air plane journeys have featured in such romantic classics like The English Patient and most recently Fifty Shades of Grey. And the best part? All of the proceeds from the video are going to a charity that helps with animal conservation efforts.


We have to say, this is a return to Taylor form after the disappointing Bad Blood, which didn't really do it for us. Over-hyped and over-produced. Now, Blank Space, that was a Taylor Swift music video. Handsome man in a good suit, a white horse, a cake that bled when it was stabbed. No wonder it won a VMA on Sunday for Best Female Video.

Have a watch. We all know Scott Eastwood's rugged squint is the perfect way to say goodbye to summer.

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