Prince William Issues A Statement About Harry And Meghan

What is the craic with the royals releasing statements lately?

Prince Harry DTR'd hard a couple of weeks ago (defined the relationship, grandad) and now Prince William has released one and honestly, this is too much.

It was reported this weekend that Prince William was unhappy with Prince Harry's decision to go public with his relationship with Meghan Markle, but Kensington Palace issued a statement at the Duke of Cambridge's (that's Prince William and more power to you if you didn't know that) specific request to say that the opposite was true.

It said: ?The Duke of Cambridge absolutely understands the situation concerning privacy and supports the need for Prince Harry to support those closest to him.?

"Those closest to him." Swoon. When Prince Harry released a statement in early November asking the media and public to stop the wave of ?abuse and harassment,? from ?outright to sexism? to racism, ?Meghan Markle and her family, friends, co-workers and ex-boyfriend have received, all I thought was, what a PRINCE.

This is the first time Prince Harry has released a statement about his private life and the second time the royal family have had to publicly speak about the tabloid's harassment. They previously?expressed concern that certain photographers were going to increasing extremes to photograph their two-year-old son, Prince George.


Why do?we even care? I haven't watched The Crown but I know if I do I will become obsessed. How are royal families even still a thing? There are currently 26 monarchies in the world who reign over 43 countries. They are the most old school part of our cultural narrative. If you could start the world over again today, would you include monarchies? Would you suggest that a whole country, including the poorest percentage of the country, should give some of their money to an aristocracy so that a little old lady could show up every now and then draped in diamonds and tell you austerity is important??You would yeah.

I mean, I don't care about hierarchal things like monarchies or believe in things like nations or patriotism - they are artificials constructs, like gender, designed to keep us feeling separated and spellbound. But Prince Harry releases a statement and all of a sudden I'm signed up to receive an email newsletter from Meghan Markle's lifestyle website, The Tig. You read about Prince George's first day of school or about how sound Harry is or how William has done something so selfless and regal and you get so tied into the Disney charm of the royal wedding, you forget to think, why is this still a thing?

Don't get me wrong, I've heard it said that Prince Harry releasing that statement was the best headline about a man we've had in ages.

Harry has set an important boyfriend precedent in the world of app-centric dating and in future?if you want to date me, I'd like it announced on royal stationary.

Anway, the world's gone mad. Donald Trump is the 45th President of the United States, 90 out of 1000 people think sex without consent is okay, and the royals are releasing statements about their relationships on social media. Happy Monday!

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