An Open Letter To The Legend That Is Katie Taylor

She needs no introduction, but we can’t help but praise Katie Taylor ahead of her professional fight for the WBA lightweight world title tomorrow night. On top of that, we'd just like to say, we love you.

Dear Katie,

From the unforgettable moment in 2012 when you brought home the first Olympic gold medal for Ireland since 1992, to when you fulfilled your dreams of becoming a professional boxer, in just 11 months you have proved to the world and all of us at home just how good you really are. You've displayed incredible strength and courage throughout your career. You've given women of Ireland a sense of hope for the future, a sense that nothing is impossible and that when you work hard in life you can achieve your goals.

Not only are you a role model for women all over Ireland, but even more importantly you're an inspiration to the younger generation. Kids and young adolescents all over Ireland dream of growing up to be exactly like Katie Taylor. Not only in sport, but in spirit. I remember the day you arrived back home after winning the gold medal for the lightweight division in the 2012 Olympic games. I may not have been tall enough to see you through the 20,000 plus crowd, but the atmosphere was unreal. I stood by the Martello Tower in Bray waiting to catch a glimpse and that's something I'll remember forever.


You've given me someone to really look up to - someone humble and selfless and utterly focused to admire. Especially nowadays and in times of trouble, you truly are the right woman for the job. You're a true national treasure.

In my eyes, you're already The Champ.

The image newsletter