A little support can go a long way towards changing your health direction

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The expression “New Year, New You” is very much on the out. We’re no longer interested in changing everything about ourselves. We’ve learnt that complete transformation is rarely sustainable and in fact, will often just make us feel bad about ourselves. Little changes however, are far more realistic. When it comes to health, we all have little things that niggle at us. Maybe you want to give up smoking, maybe you want to exercise more or maybe you want to increase your energy through your diet. There are few people who wouldn’t like to make some small alterations to lead them towards a more healthy life. Health is wealth after all.

But even making little changes can be hard. If it were easy, we would all be perfectly toned gym bunnies, full of energy and superfood salads. A bit of support can go a long way on the journey toward better health. That’s why we are so excited about the LloydsPharmacy ‘Change Your Health Direction’ campaign. This January, LloydsPharmacy are offering a FREE 8-week programme in store, to help support you to make any changes you need to.

Change Your Health Direction Ambassador - Aoibhín Garrihy

Health coach and Change Your Health Direction Training Specialist, Lisa Walsh, said; “January is a time when people step back and assess their personal wellbeing, and refocus their efforts on becoming the best, healthiest version of themselves. LloydsPharmacy’s Change Your Health Direction programme is the perfect tool to help you identify the best path for achieving your own goals.”


If you pop into any of the Lloyds stores to sign up for the programme, you will receive free impartial advice on transforming your health from experts, and receive a health diary as well as offers on skincare and vitamins.

How to sign up

To sign up to the Change Your Health Direction programme, simply pop into your local LloydsPharmacy and sign up, or download and print your own 8-week Health Diary.

Anyone can change their health direction. Whatever health transformation you want to make this year, it starts with talking to Lloyds.

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