A list of Irish businesses and people offering acts of generosity during the coronavirus lockdown

Social media has brought out a heartwarming side to the coronavirus outbreak in Ireland

While you may be overrun by images of empty supermarket shelves and panicked misinformation, don't switch off your social media just yet — there are plenty of people making it a worthwhile place to be.

With yesterday's announcements by the Irish government advising people to work from home, and school closures until the end of the month, many are anxious about how they are going to navigate daily life over the next two weeks. But not everyone's response is to panic buy — there are many of us in Ireland who are flying the flag for the kind and generous nature we've become known for.

Over the last few days, offers of kindness and generosity from businesses and ordinary people alike have been pouring in on social media to deal with the outbreak. Everything from food deliveries, to discounts on coffees, to offers of help to the elderly and infirm have all been posted on Twitter and Instagram, with a community spirit that will definitely restore your faith in humanity.


These are just some of the heartwarming gestures we've spotted over the last 24 hours, but we're sure there are so many more. Please send us a message on Instagram or a leave a comment on Twitter or Facebook to let us know of any other acts of kindness you spot during the coronavirus outbreak.

Hotel Doolin, Co. Clare

The beautiful 4-star Hotel Doolin in Clare has kindly offered to deliver dinner daily to elderly or infirm people in the area with no charge for the food or delivery. Call 065 7074111 before 12 noon with your order and it will be delivered before 6 pm that day.

The Network Café, Aungier street, Dublin


The Network Café has offered all health care workers and Gardaí who are dealing with the virus on the front line a special rate of €1 for coffee until the period of isolation is over, or until they can feasibly continue to operate.

Master Chefs catering, Limerick

Limerick catering company Master Chefs is offering their services free of charge to elderly and vulnerable people in the mid-west region of the country. They are taking requests for meals through their email address [email protected] , and will need a contact phone number and delivery address.

Hotel Curracloe, Co. Wexford


Hotel Curracloe are offering free dinners to the elderly and vulnerable in their area during the pandemic. Simply call them on 053 913 7308 before 12 pm with your order and it will be delivered same day before 6 pm.

Vintage Kitchen, Poolbeg Street, Dublin

The Vintage Kitchen will have begun the practice of keeping a table of two free at lunch and dinner for nurses and doctors, for a free meal every day (Tuesday to Saturday).



Neven Maguire and Macnean House

Celebrity chef Neven Maguire, through his award-winning restaurant Macnean House in Co. Cavan, is offering to send recipes for simple homemade food to families struggling to entertain the kids over the next couple of weeks. You can just DM them with what you'd like to cook and they can give some ideas.

San Sab takeaway in Drumcondra


If you need milk/bread/baby supplies, San Sab takeaway in Drumcondra in Dublin is offering their to help, who are on the road from 5pm til 10:45 pm and happy to help. Call 699 1099 to reach them.

Samantha Kelly

Samantha Kelly (@tweetinggoddess) is already a master at Twitter and is using her platform for great things during these difficult weeks. She started using the hashtag #selfisolationhelp a few days ago to link those who are struggling with isolating themselves at home with those who may be able to help.

The response has been overwhelming, and it is a brilliant showing of how lovely Ireland can be during times of crisis.

Hundreds of ordinary folks have been offering help to those who need it in their local area, from all over the country.



If you want to offer help to those in your area who might need it, you can get involved by using the hashtag #selfisolationhelpXXX and use your area name (for example, #selfisolationranelagh or #selfisolationletterkenny) and get the word out about how you can help.

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