Have You Spotted Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds In Dublin?

The perfect Hollywood pairing that is Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are now living in Ireland! Our celebrity stalk radars are tingling (it's Ryan Reynolds, people) because they are apparently set up in the picturesque village of Dalkey with their two young children. We're not too surprised at their location choice either; many an actor has chosen to stay in the same place previously from Eva Green and Josh Harnett to Pierce Brosnan, Clive Owen and Joel Coen and Frances McDormand. Imagine running into these famous folk on the morning milk run?

And this time, it's not mere tabloid fodder. Our Editor-at-Large Laura swore she saw a glimpse of the family while out walking earlier this week and Lively is here for legitimate reasons: to film her latest movie The Rhythm Section, mainly shooting in Wicklow, so say the reports.

And Ryan Reynolds radars aside, the film is already receiving some pre-release buzz, thanks in part, to its female director. Reed Morano who helmed the first three episodes of The Handmaid's Tale steps behind the camera (with Bond producers, no less) to direct Lively as the main protagonist, Stephanie Patrick.


The spy thriller is the first film adaptation of Mark Burnell’s four-part series of novels and will see Lively’s character on a path of revenge and self-destruction following the death of her family in a crash. When she finds out the crash was not an accident, Patrick becomes an assassin who is determined to track down those responsible. It all sounds very Kill Bill-esque, only this time; it's a story directly told via a female gaze - with a female protagonist. No release date as yet but it already sounds very promising.

Now, onto the most pressing part: anticipating those undoubtedly epic tweets we've come to expect from Reynolds while he's on Irish soil...

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