Good Maritimes

When BASH Volume One went to print, Sandra (our Art Director) and I took a little trip to Cornwall, to oversee the printing process - a very romantic honeymoon involving hanging around a cold, man-filled warehouse for the overnight shift. But it wasn't all bad. Firstly, we got to watch our baby being born - the sight of our very first issue flying off that mammoth printer was quite the thrill.

Secondly, Cornwall is beautiful. I had never been and though I had a vague notion of the area as pretty, I had no idea just how chocolate box picturesque we were talking. It's all winding boreens (or whatever boreens are called in Cornwall), rolling hills and idyllic seaside villages inhabited by gorgeously weather-kissed locals, who act as poster-people for the benefits of regular fish consumption and exposure to Vitamin D.

We stayed in an eco cottage at Merlin Farms, a sweet agri-tourism property surrounded by fields, with the crash of waves not too far off. Inside, the cottage is pristine boutique hotel luxury, with homebaked shortbread biscuits and clouds of beds. Outside, a donkey peeps into the garden (each cottage has its own - garden, not donkey), which leads to the nearby sandy beach of Mawgan Porth (where there's also a little village), via a wooded walking track.

We didn't get to spend nearly enough time in this little haven, which is probably why I find myself thinking of it, so often. Another reason is that it's the perfect spot for an English toddlermoon - and that's been occupying my thoughts A LOT lately. Because taking your tiny tyrant on holidays for the first time is daunting. ?WHAT IF THERE ISN?T A HIGH CHAIR??? ?OR A SAFE PLACE FOR HIM TO ROAM ABOUT LIKE A MANIAC?? (these are in All Caps, because I shout them in my mind). Well, Merlin Farms ticks all the new-parent fuss boxes. Most of the cottages are kitted out with everything from mini blenders to toddler toilet seats, the little gardens are gated and surrounded by an outer grassy area complete with mini slide climbing frame thingy - and even just staring at farm animals can take up hours of a toddler's time.


I'm thinking of booking a proper stay, this summer. I'd like to come back weather-kissed.

@kateodowd is editor of BASH

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