Gift Guide: The Perfect Gifts for Men

Stuck for a gift idea for the bearded one in your life? Fear not, we've got you covered. From the latest in must have tech accessories to gift ideas that are nothing more than a lot of fun, you'll surely find something suitable below for your boyfriend, husband, brother, best friend - the list goes on.

For the coffee lover who can no longer tolerate a cup of instant, a mini Nespresso is a must. Prices vary, discounts available at Home and Cook, Kildare Village.

Though they might not like to admit their penchant for cosy pyjamas, (apparently 'real' men sleep in their undies), once they slip into a pair of comfy flannel PJs, there's no getting them out of them. Topman have a great selection of stylish, comfortable options this season. Starting from 20 quid.


The go to sports autobiography in 2014 is without a doubt Brian O'Driscoll's The Test. It's been a long time coming and hotly anticipated by his growing legion of fans. ?19.99 Eason.

Because no man has ever grown out of that boyish desire to shoot things, accompanied of course by their own stellar sound effects, a Nerf gun will always make for a guilty pleasure stocking filler. Our advice? Get two, otherwise he'll be the one with the ammunition and you'll have no defence. €26.99 at Argos.

For he who fancies himself a ringer for Ryan Gosling, a pair of aviator Ray Bans will never go unwanted. Suiting almost every face shape, these are the go to designer shades as far as we're concerned. €148 Brown Thomas.


There's a whole world of gifting options for men on The iKettle caught our eye in particular. With it, you can ?boil your kettle with your smart phone, anywhere in your home. It apparently welcomes you home by asking if you'd like to pop the kettle on. What's not to like? €127.09

For a gift that's both useful and slick, here's a wallet-come-phone charger. €95.29. All details here, on what's fast becoming our favourite gift site,

This is genius. For the whiskey drinker in your life who likes to kep it chilled without having their beverage diluted, these whiskey blocks are perfect. €19.09,

This is all kinds of class. It costs €317.69 but here's why it's worth it.


As any parent can probably testify, keeping track of absolutely everything your kids (let alone you) are doing, can sometimes feel like a slippery up-hill struggle.?Mother is here to change all that; providing you with all of the knowledge and comfort you need, when and how you want it. She's your family's very own fitness tracker, stats keeper, security system and life coach all rolled into one glorious Russian doll-shaped package - it's like someone has physically crammed Mary Poppins in there.

Mother comes with 4 cookies; you can think of them as her eyes and ears (and gentle, but necessary nagging). Small and slickly-designed, these little sensors?blend in seamlessly with your lifestyle and can be affixed to just about anything - person, object or animal! They capture and analyse movement so they can recognise the specific actions you want to monitor and transmit them back to Mother. Temperature changes are also measured, as well as their proximity to the hub itself (herself).

Here's just a snapshot of the different ways you could use them:

  • Remembering to drink more water
  • Seeing how many steps you take in a day
  • Protecting your home from intruders
  • Visualising just how well you sleep at night
  • Knowing that your child has got home safe
  • Reminding Gran to take her medicine
  • Ensuring your baby's environment is the right temperature
  • Turning teeth-brushing into a family game

When it comes to male fragrances, you can never go too far wrong with Tom Ford. His Noir remains a favourite among the men who wear it and those who enjoy it around them. €60 Brown Thomas.


For the wine and gadget enthusiast, this essential set from Le Creuset gets our vote, €115 Brown Thomas.

If the man in your life has yet to own a designer watch, it's a worthy consideration. This one's Marc by Marc Jacobs, €249 Brown Thomas.

Jawbone are earning themselves a stellar reputation as the go to brand for excellent speakers. For Christmas, we reckon the Mini Jambox, small enough to travel with you yet powerful enough not to compromise on sound, this will cost you €119 at


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