Apparently 1 In 7 Women Find Love At The Office Christmas Party

According to a survey in the UK, one in seven women claim to have found love at the office Christmas party. Not 'vegetarian' dishes the caterers misinterpreted to mean 'swap beef for chicken'. Not a mortifying karaoke?clip on Facebook the morning after. Not a series of that's-not-me tags on Instagram. They actually found love in a previously thought hopeless place.

2000 women were interviewed on behalf of CB12 First Class Breath about their Christmas party habits, with 20% saying they entered into a long-term relationship after kissing a colleague at the work get-together. One in seven are still with that same partner, so maybe give your office crush, one in seven people claim to have one, a chance this season.

Other results from the survey to give you pause include the factoids women on average will attend four Christmas parties, drink?24 glasses of champagne and spend €47 on grooming,?with €100 going on party outfits. Even with the conversion on, we have a sneaky suspicion Irish women spend more, and that's without mentioning the cost of the morning-after cure of a painkiller and a salty breakfast.

However, while some people may have office Christmas party stories which elicit an?awww as opposed to an ughhh, none will ever top Tim and Dawn's coming together in the BCC comedy series The Office.


Via Female First

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