4 Tips To Know From A Celebrity Wedding Planner

When it comes to fairytale weddings, I think we can all agree that few have done it better than the dream duo that is Chrissy Teigen and John Legend. Teigen wore no less than three Vera Wang gowns (imagine the change over'stress though) and had nine bridesmaids at the lavish ceremony, held in Lake Como, Italy. The model famously said she had one goal in mind throughout the festivities: ?I want everybody drunk. A cocktail session before the ceremony, and in between the ceremony and reception as well.? While we have no absolute confirmation this occurred, we do know that she enlisted the help of a wedding planner to keep the stress vibes at bay. And how does one pull a wedding out of the bag to the exacting standards of a celebrity? Wedding planner?Lisa Vorce shared a few of her secrets to Refinery29?which, if you're planning your do,?are worth taking on board.?

What's it like working with stars? There are a few challenges.?"I always tell my celebrity clients, 'Look, you're human and you're not any different.' We kind of normalise them. Everybody's the same in my book. It's the same process; the only thing that's different on the celebrity side is security and confidentiality." But it can get really tricky if a celebrity has a deal with a magazine. "If they have an exclusive, we're under immense pressure not to leak out any photos." Oh, and the celebrities themselves aren't hands on. "We come in and kind of do it all."

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If you're a guest to any wedding, you should always do this."Please, please, please RSVP. We're constantly chasing down RSVPs." Numbers are hugely important people!

Extra touches can make your wedding stand out. "I love the idea of gifting bridesmaids with different fragrances that represent their unique personalities and styles."

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Trends aren't always important when it comes to weddings. But what is, is being yourself. ?"I'm obnoxiously vocal about not following trends. I stay away from them; I couldn't even tell you what the current trends are. When I worked with John and Chrissy, they kind of owned who they are. I want my clients to own who they are. I want to channel each client's natural aesthetic."

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When it comes to picking a bridal behind-the-scenes team, it's important to take your time. "[For photographers, for example]We'll show options to the client, and it's important that they connect visually - and also connect on a personality level. I want my clients to be in a peaceful, zen bubble, so we won't work with the photographer if they're not super-zen too."


Some of us will be using ALL these snaps as inspiration for their own wedding...

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