Preview Victor Mee's July Antique Auction

In advance of Victor Mee's upcoming auction from July 2-3, we?caught up with his son, Bryan, to hear more.

What does Victor Mee Auctions specialise in?

Mostly decorative interiors from the 18th, 19th and early 20th centuries. Enamel advertising signs are very collectible with our clients too.

What is a current antique trend?


Twentieth-century furniture is currently on trend, with prices rising, such as Danish design and vintage Ercol. We've noticed a rise in popularity for late 19th-century Irish country house furniture as well; large pine kitchen tables, leather Chesterfield armchairs, and sofas - a complete country look. In the future, Victor plans to set up an Irish museum with nineteen-century painted pine and antiques from the Famine time, as well as old ironwork used in smallholdings.

What is the most interesting part?

There is never a dull day. At our last auction, a client dropped in an Arabian sword, which was supposedly used by the general of a sultan. He had hoped for €150, but Victor had a suspicion it was worth a lot more, so the gentleman instead. left with €3,750. It's nice to see interesting lots like that coming through our doors and making good prices.?I myself have a passion for Irish Georgian furniture, a real rare find. We recently sold a silver table from around 1740. The purchasing client was a director from Hollywood so it's off to America, which is great but also bittersweet as it's one piece I would love to own myself.

Any advice for a?first-time antique buyer?

I would highly recommend any first-time antique buyer to visit an auction house, where you will always find something different, whether it's furniture or paintings.

When is the next auction?

We have our bespoke interiors auction on Sunday, July 2 and Monday, July 3. This sale includes the complete contents of a 19th-century haberdashery shop, fine art, garden furniture and a large selection of vintage advertising.


Just over an hour from Dublin, Victor Mee Auctions can be found in the picturesque village of Cloverhill. For more information and viewing times, visit or call 047 55076.

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